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    What isn’t appealing about the idea of walking to an alter over a path of sand that has been sprinkled with fragrant flower petals as a warm tropical breeze blows through your hair, letting your veil trail behind as your beautiful white dress dances in the wind. Ahhhh…the magic of destination weddings. The picture I just painted is actually quite accurate as to what a destination wedding really entails. You really can say your nuptials on the edge of an ocean front cliff while your closest family and friends watch on. It’s no surprise that destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular!


    A destination wedding isn’t for everyone. Some women have envisioned a traditional church wedding with 200+ guests and a reception in an elaborately decorated hall since the day they were old enough to say ‘I do’, but for those brides-to-be who are looking for something a little more laidback or exotic or just hassle-free, then a destination wedding is all that and more! While you have choose things like the resort and the wedding package and the dress; the rest really is up to the resort to handle for you which means that you can spend more time enjoying your vacation as opposed to fretting frantically over every last detail like the flowers, the cake, the music, blah, blah, blah! The resorts that offer wedding packages have done so many times over so you can be confident that you’re wedding will go as planned.


    Destination weddings can range from very casual to more upscale depending on the resort, the budget and your preference. While you may want a no-fuss not-muss experience with little planning, you really should take some time to research the different resorts and the options they offer as far as packages go. Planning your guest list is important too since guests will need to set aside anywhere from a weekend to a full week to attend your tropical wedding. As well, tour operators offer group discounts, so booking yourself and your guests all at the same time means more savings for you that can go towards your wedding or at least a few pina coladas! And on a fun note; having your entire entourage with you means that your celebration can begin the second you get to the airport! How great is that??


    A few things to note if you’re looking to have a destination wedding is the important of proper ID and documentation. Make sure that you contact the resort before hand to find out what you will need to bring as far as paperwork goes so that you can avoid any surprises once you’re there. For instance, if you or your fiancé has been previously married, there is extra paperwork that is required in order to get married at some Caribbean locations. It’s better to be safe than sorry…especially on your wedding day! Aside from that, having a destination wedding is about as easy and carefree as it gets. Did I mention romantic? Sooo romantic…