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  • Unique wedding cake toppers and gifts
    Unique wedding cake toppers and wedding gifts

  • Wedding Cakes: The Tastiest Part of Your Special Day


    What could be better than to spend a day tasting wedding cakes in the flavors that you’ve selected? Does it get any better than that as far as your wedding planning experience goes?! Choosing a wedding cake is a fun experience for most though the occasional bride does let the stress of being overwhelmed by delicious choice get to her. There’s no need to fret it though, because as with everything in life; it’s what you make it. So read on for some great tips to help you enjoy this tasty part of the wedding planning experience.

    Also consider baking your own wedding cake to save money or having someone close to you make one for you.


    First of all, you really need to do your home work before you set on your tasting adventure. You can’t just think that a cake is a cake, is a cake! Not all cakes or pastry chefs were created equal so take the time to pick and choose places that you have heard great things about. A great way to find out about these places is though friends who’ve recently been married or by visiting a wedding site or web ring which will give you links to different chefs and caterers and allow you to maybe even message or chat with someone else who may have some suggestions for you. Forums are especially great for this sort of things since you get to post what you’re looking for and have suggestions from several different people who’ve been there! The point is to make sure that your day of tastings isn’t wasted on places that don’t really have anywhere near the quality that you’re after. The same goes for budget, so don’t bother making appointments at places that charge thousands of dollars for a cake when you can only afford a couple hundred.


    Another thing that you definitely need to figure out before hand is the style of wedding cake that you’re after. Feel free to print pictures off of websites or tear them out of b bridal magazines so that you can have something to show when you’re explaining what you’re looking for. It’s very easy to walk into a pastry shop and become overwhelmed by the beautiful cake styles presented to you and especially easy to be swayed into choosing something that you may regret later once you come out of your chocolate-mocha haze! This brings me to another tip and that is to take someone who you trust for practical advice to help you keep a level head. And I mean someone other than your fiancé since men have a tendency to want to leave everything up to the bride to avoid a fight!


    The wedding cake will be the piece de résistance as far as your reception goes. Sometimes the guests remember the cake more than anything else—especially if it was really good or really awful. You owe it to yourself AND to your guests to choose a cake that will be the perfect compliment to your wedding and the tastiest treat for everyone who has the honor of tasting it.