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  • The Endless Options for Wedding Invitations

    He’s gotten down on one knee and you’ve said yes. The dilemma? How ever do you choose which ones?! With sooo many incredible options, you’ll think that choosing just one will be impossible, but with a few good tips, you’ll make a decision you’re happy with in no time.


    A great way to narrow things down is to limit yourself to looking at only those wedding invitations that match the theme or color scheme that you’ve chosen for your wedding. Look for designs or colors that somehow relate to your wedding whether it match your linens or the season. For instance, for a fall wedding, look for invitations with leaves or in colors like browns and oranges. A spring wedding might inspire an invitation with flowers or bright colors. A winter wedding would be beautifully complimented by crisp white or icy blues with some shimmer, reminiscent of snow and ice. You get the idea! By having a plan in place you’re less likely to get sidetracked and overwhelmed by the billion other choices laid out in front of you.


    Another trend in wedding invitations as of late is handmade invitations. I’m not talking ordering expensive handmade invitations, I mean making your own! It’s a great way to save money; end up with something really unique and a great excuse to have your bridal party over for some crafting and cocktails! For those of you who are really and truly artistically challenged or inept, you can purchase kits at craft stores and stationary stores. The larger office supply stores carry blank invitations that you can print at home too. If you’re feeling a little crafty and ambitious or are actually talented, there are specialty paper stores that carry ALL kinds of papers and have examples of different combinations and styles you can use for inspiration when making your own invitations. Some even offer workshops on making wedding invitations—another great excuse to get your favorite girls together for some fun!


    The Internet is always a great resource too for anything having to do with weddings and by now you know that there are thousands of sites dedicated to wedding invitations and other goodies. Even if you don’t want to order your invitations online, you can still take advantage of all of the designs showcased on these sites. Send your favorites to your trusted friends and family members and get opinions from them. You may be able to narrow it down before you head off to speak to someone in person about wedding invitations and be better prepared. And anytime you can take advantage of offers for free samples—do it! It’s a great way to get to see the card in person so that you may feel more comfortable ordering online since you’ll know what you’re getting. And who in their right mind turns down a freebie anyway??