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  • Wedding Photography Andrew Zewecki
    Andrew Zewecki Wedding Photographer. Wedding photography is our passiion - we specialize in photojournalism, we prefer natural photographs using available light.

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    A resource of forums, directories, and listings dedicated to helping consumers find quality wedding photographers

  • Choosing A Wedding Photographer That Fits Your Style


    When it comes to your special day, one of the most important investments you will make is hiring a wedding photographer. Yes, many would argue that the dress or the reception is the most important venue, but if you think about it, it’s the photos that are going to be around long after food and drinks are gone and the guests have gone home and the dress has started to yellow. The pictures taken on your wedding day will be around forever and hopefully passed on to your children and grandchildren, etc, etc. Everyone will want to see your wedding pictures, some may even want to keep some of your wedding pictures and of course, you’re going to want to show them off to anyone who’ll look at them! This is why choosing a great photographer is so important.


    If you don’t know much about photography, you probably think that all photographers are pretty much a like, but the truth is that there are super-talented photographers and just downright crappy photographers who don’t even deserve to have a business card! How do you weed out the bad ones? The best way would be through referrals. If you know anyone who recently got married, they may be able to recommend someone. You can also shop around using listings found online or in the local telephone directory. Most wedding photographers have websites nowadays that they use to showcase their work. Have a look through their work on their online portfolio or in person when you go in for a consultation. Even a great photographer isn’t enough because you need to find one who understands what you’re looking for. Some people want traditional wedding photos while others are looking for something a little more edgy or even bordering on fashion photography which is why you need to find someone who understands your style and wants. Someone can be an incredible photographer yet not the right fit for you, so if you feel less than certain, then you need to keep on looking until you find the one that fits you just right.


    When you do find the wedding photographer of your dreams…and have made sure you can afford him/her, then you need to figure out what type of package you’d like. Most photographers will include it anyway, but just be sure that you ask for a disc of all of your photos. First, you never know when you might want to have a look at those less-than-perfect ones that didn’t make the cut and also, you want to have that back up in case anything ever happens to your wedding album. Life is strange and you just never know what could happen; lost boxes while moving, water damage, fire…you just don’t know, so better to be safe than sorry. As well, there may be some pictures that you didn’t order prints of that you or someone else will like a copy of down the road, so a disc guarantees that you will always have access to every precious and even not so precious moment caught on camera that day. A wedding photographer can help you create and capture the memories of a lifetime and provide you with the images of them that will last a lifetime. Choose wisely.