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[b]People in the News[/b] We live in a fast paced world where today’s newspaper quickly turns into tomorrow’s garbage.  It’s so hard to keep track of what is going on in the world today that many people just don’t even try.  However, it’s so beneficial to stay informed on current news and we will provide the great analysis you want from today’s stories. One of the most common mistruths out there is that one person cannot change the world.  However, our series of articles about People in the News will show you how false this claim is. It’s an inspiring belief to think that one person is able to change the world, whether it is for good or for bad.  This kind of influence that we each yield is reflected in the stories of these normal people that have reached out and done not normal things. Besides being an informative way to learn about current news stories, there is a great appeal to covering the stories of people in the news.  In many cases, the personal stories of these great individuals can’t help but inspire you, as many people forget that these striking figures are just regular people too.  Whether it’s discussing how Tom Cruise overcame his battle with dyslexia to change his life from underachieving student to Hollywood megastar or analyzing the different ways that Donald Trump has managed to bounce back from business catastrophes to take his rightful place on top of the financial world, it’s quiet impressive how inspirational the stories of many people in the news really are. A prevailing theory in history is the great man theory of history.  In this theory, importance is placed on the actions of specific individuals who through their actions greatly influenced the world.  Although people are not the sole influences of great changes in the world, they often play an important role.  From political heroes like Sir Winston Churchill and Julius Caesar to scientific innovators like Louis Pasteur to bold entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the actions and careers of many individuals have led to dramatic shifts in society. One of the most confounding issues that we all face is trying to define what we want to do in our lives.  It’s a big question that many people continue to struggle to answer.  While there are many career fairs out there and professional services that will assist you in determining what a good profession to enter is, take a step back and think about what inspires people.  A major inspiration for many people is a great figure that has beaten the odds to change the world in their own unique way.  By reading through our series of People in the News, you may find that the personal story of a person that you admire is just the inspiration you need to embark on a path of life that you’ve always wanted to go on but just didn’t have the inspiration of doing before. By covering some of the top minds, biggest celebrities, and innovative thinkers of our generation, you will be able to learn about an array of topics.  From detailed analysis of important political policy makers that will shed light on some of the most controversial and confusing international affairs to detailing the inspirational stories of successful people, you will be able to get easy to read news that provide you with important and interesting stories.  There is so much a person can learn about the world from learning the personal histories of some of the world’s most fascinating and controversial figures. If you have ever wished that you wanted to know more about such controversial political figures as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or would like to know more details about inspiring cultural figures such as the Dalai Llama, then you are at the right place.  It’s amazing when you read about the personal stories of these influential figures to see how much of the world’s cultural and political shifts are altered by the actions of these powerful people. Of course, we don’t just cover the heavy handed aspects of the world.  When you look at British newspapers and tabloids, you can’t help but be startled by the comprehensive coverage of the Royal family.  Although many people strongly feel that voyeuristic aspect of journalism is missing in North American journalism, this isn’t quiet true.  There are a cast of individuals that provide endless fascination into our lives and they can be considered a form of American royalty.  These people are celebrities. From bewilderment to tears of inspiration, the stories of today’s celebrities can’t help but strike our emotional core.  Whether you are looking for stories of amusement or are looking for genuinely revealing information about your favorite star, we will examine the top celebrities in the news.  We will also cover some of the issues that many of these celebrities have brought to the forefront.  From Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s commitment to humanitarian missions to the strangely fascinating career arc of Paris Hilton to the sad breakdown of Britney Spears, we will examine these top stories in a way that gives you the facts that matter to you! Indulge your guilty pleasure and learn more about these fascinating public figures.  Whether it’s wanting to know more about the top style makers in Hollywood today or celebrities behaving badly, you can find all the news about these People in the News with us.  From Celebrity Breakups to Celebrity Births, we have all of the news about those people from Hollywood that you want to hear.  Showcasing the bizarre to the poignant to the shameful, we have all of the detailed analysis of the lives of today’s hottest stars. Of course, it’s not just all about looking at the dark side of Hollywood.  We will also examine the movers and shakers in different industries.  From the leading lights of the business world to the sad stories behind fallen heroes, we will examine some of the most fascinating stories that are often not covered in sufficient depth by other news organizations. One of the most difficult tasks that people face is keeping on top of the music world.  Doesn’t it seem that longevity in music is harder and harder to achieve.  With each passing day there’s a hot new band that emerges that you need to know about.  Of course, a week later, that same band is old news.  However, you don’t have to let the rapid pace of the music industry affect you’re listening.  We will examine some of the top music artists in various music fields ranging from pop, rock, rap, country, alternative to lesser known fields such as gospel and world music.  Our detailed profiles will let you know the human story behind these musical mavens. Our talented music writers will cover established icons from U2 to Tupac Shakur as well as some of the hottest new names blazing through the charts such as Carrie Underwood and Arcade Fire.  The music industry has been radicalized in the last few years due to the influence of new technology such as the Internet.  There are many artists that have established a strong niche in different subcultures that mainstream newspapers don’t even know about.  With our help, you will be able to keep up to the fast paced world of music by reading our straight to the point articles that are free of the nauseating hyperbole that often taints music journalism. An underrated aspect of the news industry that is slowly gaining more credence is that the news is entertainment.  Although you don’t want to trivialize the news, ask yourself this question: when was the last time you actually enjoyed reading the newspaper?  The news should be informative but too many writers and journalists don’t take the time to spice up the news in entertaining flourishes that the reader will enjoy. Our pledge here is to report on the movers and shakers in today’s world in an entertaining way.  The world moves so quickly today due to the influences and actions of so many talented individuals.  Expand your mind and feed your soul by reading the exploits of these people in the news with our fantastic articles that are filled with top-notch analysis. How often have you wondered while you are reading a newspaper or watching the news about an important political or social event about the personal lives of the person that is responsible?  After all, so much of today’s news focus on the questions of what and why that they tend to skim over the question over who.  However, by reading our excellent articles about the influential people that shape the world in some way, you will be able to gain a unique viewpoint over complex matters. Don’t let the world pass you by.  By reading about the personal stories of people in the news, you will get all of the answers you need.  We still cover the what, why, how, and when of important (and not so important) news stories but by focusing on the who part of the equation, you will find that you will be accessing a more humane, complex and open minded view over today’s news!