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Christina Aguilera Pregnant

Her estranged father, who says he wishes her all the best with her new child and husband, has confirmed rumours of Christina Aguilera’s pregnancy. Christina was apparently looking forward to becoming pregnant and raising her first-born with her husband, Jordan Bratman. It is not clear how long Christina has been pregnant but if the rumours are true, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll be able to tell for sure. Christina Aguilera is only twenty-six years old and has already accomplished more than a lot of people do in a lifetime. She has sold records all over the world in both English and Spanish. Christina began her singing career at a very young age. She sang for family and neighbours and eventually worked her way up to singing the national anthem at major sporting events. Christina also competed in a star search competition as a child but didn’t make it big until she landed a part on the Mickey Mouse club show along side Britney spears, Justin Timberlake, and various other child stars. She was signed by the age of fifteen and had a number of hit songs since. Christina’s most recent album is called stripped. Christina Aguilera has always wanted a big family with lots of kids and her husband agrees. Christina married Jordon Bratman in 2005.
The couple had been dating for three years before they were married. Christina apparently told Jordan of her pregnancy just days before his thirtieth birthday. Chrisitna’s friend told reporters that Jordan was very excited to hear the news that Christina would be having a baby. Jordan and Christina aguilera were seen walking out of some famous maternity clinic in New York recently. Though chrisitna hasn’t made any official announcement about her pregnancy yet, it is thought that she must be at least three or four months pregnant already. Chrsitina has talked in the past about finishing up some work and releasing one more album before settling down with her husband to start a family.
Christina Aguilera recently bought ozzy Osborne’s family’s mansion in Beverly Hills. Since the Osborne kids have moved out, they don’t need the huge place anymore, so Christina and husband Jordan Bratman bought the house, where they will like raise their new family. Beverly Hills is generally known as the quieter side of Hollywood for older celebrities. Ironically, the Osbornes left their mansion in Beverly Hills to look for somewhere quieter. It’s not clear whether Christina aguilera intends to release another album before the baby arrives, but if she does, she’ll really have to get working because that baby will be set to go in no time. Christina Aguilera will likely have to put her career aside for a while after the baby’s born because she won’t have time for both. Her husband, a music executive, will surely help her with the new baby.