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Lindsay Lohan Officially Arrested

Over the last couple of years, Hollywood has been besieged by a number of fresh faced teens that showcased talent, ambition, and a willingness to work hard to obtain celebrity. From pop stars like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake that came to fame by creating synth-pop songs that echoed to an earlier innocent time of teen stars to multitasking artists and entrepreneurs like Hilary Duff who rode to fame on a kids TV show but stayed in the limelight with a music career, it seems like there was a youth revolution going on in Hollywood. However, kids can’t be kids forever and the last few months have seen these fresh faced teen celebrities evolving into young adults that love to party but haven’t figured out the way to do so without attractive massive amounts of celebrities. It can’t be easy being in your early twenties and wanting to party with your friends but having to deal with the distraction of a large hoard of paparazzi waiting to snap pictures of you at your worst. One starlet who has been in the tabloids a lot recently has been Lindsay Lohan. The star of Mean Girls, has impressed a number of movie critics with her deft movie choices and her acting abilities. However, sexy lindsay lohan has found that her talent has been overshadowed by her partying antics. A favorite subject for tabloids over the last few years, lindsay lohan first seemed like an innocent figure who was growing into being an adult with the burden of having so many paparazzi trying to chase her down. She crashed her car twice in 2005 trying to drive away from paparazzi and her driving problems continue to this day. It hasn’t exactly been a secret that these young celebrities love the Hollywood party scene and Lindsay Lohan has become one of the poster girls of this set. A recent gallery of lindsay lohan pics would contain lindsay lohan pictures of the actress passed out in cars often with no underwear and often trashed. With such a reputation as a partier and with lindsay lohan rumors circulating of lindsay lohan cocaine use, it was only a matter of time before lindsay lohan exposed. On May 26, Lindsay Lohan was pulled over by Beverly Hills police after she had crashed her Mercedes into a curb. Once stopped, the police searched her car and discovered that Lohan was drunk and there was cocaine within the car. As the lindsay lohan websites out there were a buzz wondering what would happen to their hero (or in some cases nemesis), lindsay lohan first surprised everyone. As previously reported, first lindsay lohan checked into rehab to confront her demons. Her dedication to her rehab seemed genuine as she completed her 45 day stay at the Malibu rehab center and even skipped her 21st birthday, which is the ultimate day for partying. After completing her stay in rehab, Lohan surprised many by going to a Vegas nightclub over the weekend. However, Lindsay Lohan voluntarily wears an alcohol monitoring bracelet although there are some lindsay lohan rumors that speculate that Lohan is just replacing alcohol with recreational drugs like ecstasy. Regardless of the skepticism, Lohan is working towards turning her life around. On July 19, Lohan turned herself into the police to be officially arrested for DUI stemming from the aforementioned incident. Officially charged for having a blood alcohol level greater than .08 when she was driving and also for a misdemeanor hit and run, Lohan is set to have a court date on August 24. Hopefully, Lohan will get her life straightened out and get back to doing the things that she was put on earth to do – to make lindsay lohan wallpapers that show sexy lindsay lohan in a bikini. Woo hoo!