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Lindsay Lohan Back in Rehab

Lindsay Lohan fans and all of the lindsay lohan websites out there are hoping that the third time is the charm for the troubled star who checked back into rehab on Tuesday, July 24. In the first lindsay lohan attempt at rehab, naughty lindsay lohan stormed out insisting that she didn’t require this treatment. However, after being arrested on May 26 for a DUI and potentially cocaine possession, Lindsay Lohan seemed to be taking the proper steps to turn her life around by checking into rehab a few days after the incident at the Promises treatment facility. While there was much skepticism about Lindsay Lohan’s commitment to her rehabilitation due to the numerous lindsay lohan pics showcasing lindsay lohan in a bikini during her time at Promises, Lohan did complete a 45 day stay at the rehab center. She even received some praise for foregoing her commitment to celebrate her 21st birthday at a party held at a Las Vegas nightclub.
Seemingly keeping herself out of the spotlight and keenly aware that her stardom was not enough to keep her out of prison after witnessing Paris Hilton’s jail stint, it seemed that first lindsay lohan was finally maturing. However, the lindsay lohan rumors went into overdrive after sexy lindsay lohan left her rehab on July 13, 2007 by appearing at a Las Vegas nightclub her first weekend out of rehab. While many tabloids and skeptics tried to get lindsay lohan exposed by gaining evidence of lindsay lohan cocaine use, the actress went on the offense. Proudly displaying an alcohol monitoring bracelet that she voluntarily wore and pledging to stay sober, many of her fans were hoping that lindsay lohan pictures would showcase the star at work rather than passed out from partying.
Unfortunately, the lindsay lohan rumors that were prominently displayed on the lindsay lohan websites out there proved to be right. Apparently, after her assistant quit on July 24, 2007, naughtly lindsay lohan was outraged. Perhaps her assistant was quitting because Lohan was falling off the wagon or maybe they were tired of explaining a gallery of lindsay lohan pictures that showed the star passed out and partying to the point where everyone agrees that the party should stop, but what the assistant couldn’t have realized that she was going to have to deal with the wrath of lohan.
As the assistant’s mother picked them up, the mom had a case of motherly instinct that something was wrong. That was when the two realized that a drunk, coked-up, and enraged sexy lindsay lohan was following them. Frightened, the assistant’s mother managed to elude lindsay lohan first in a parking lot. Once Lohan was on her way, the assistant’s mother called the police who promptly tracked down naughty lindsay lohan. In the same day of her second arrest in three months, Lohan quietly checked into rehab for a third time.
However, she has not gone back to the Promises treatment facility and all of the lindsay lohan websites out there are seriously hoping for the actress to confront her demons and emerge from rehab sober, so she is in the right state of mind to handle her court cases and eventually jail time.