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In the ancient Empire of the Romans, the populace was kept occupied by fierce gladiatorial combat held in coliseums all across the empire.  Today, we tend not want to see people getting disemboweled on your television sets, instead we like to be kept occupies by sports.

While still in the same competitive vein as the ancient gladiatorial contests, t's sports usually result in far less bloodshed, and far more money.&nbs'm talking of course about professional sports.  Amateur sports are for…well, amateurs.  

While here in the United States we would like to think that our favorite sports are the most popular sports in the world, but this could not be farther from the truth.  IN fact, the most popular sport in America…in terms of $$$, is football.  From high school, to college to the NFL football rules, but in reality few other countries in the world even have a passing interest in the gridiron.

In fact, soccer or as everyone else in the world refers to it, football, is the most popular sport in the world by far.  Do you know 'll, tell you. 's because soccer is cheap.  You't need pads, you't need goal-posts, hell, you't even need shoes…which is good, because most of the world does not have access to any of these things.

But, no matter, what your favorite sport is, or what the most popular sport in the world is, the important thing is to play sports, watch sports and love sports.  If you don't what alternative will we have…gladiatorial competitions?

One of most popular sports that did not make Olympics yet is Baseball but it may soon, according to the popularity of the game.

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