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Spirituality and Religion

Whether it means devoting one’s life to one God, worshipping a host of deities, or making a commitment to live life according to a set of predetermined ethical and moral guidelines, spirituality and religion, in their many forms, are an essential part of life for much of the world’s population.

Spirituality and religion can affect every part of a person’s lifestyle from the type of foods they eat and the way they dress to the way they express themselves and the way they treat other people.

For many people religion is a code to live by in order to achieve a higher state of being. Sometimes this higher state of being is achieved by forming a close relationship with a God or deity. Other times it is achieved by treating others with kindness, meditating or striving to live the most honest, virtuous life a person can live.

Highly religious or spiritual people are often thought to have transcended the world, as most people know it, giving them experience a heightened state of reality.

Whether people turn to religion to find themselves or to cope of the transience of human life this exploration of faith can open the door to a whole different way of looking at the world.