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Building a Home - Location

If you’re building a home, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is location. Your house value will depend largely on its location in relation to schools, hospitals, traffic and so on. If you’re looking for land for sale to build on, consult a real estate agent to help you decide what locations will give you the greatest house value. The type of house you build must also be appropriate to its location. If you’re building one-bedroom country homes for retired people or couples without children, you should look for land for sale in a peaceful area outside the city where there is not much traffic. If you’re building a home or several homes in the suburbs, you should look for land for sale that’s near schools and hospitals so that elderly people as well as families with children will be interested in your homes for sale.
This will help to increase your house value when you decide to sell. The same applies for urban homes. However, most urban homes are near schools and hospitals because cities are more condensed. If you can’t find land for sale near hospitals and schools in an urban area, look for land for sale that’s near public transit. If you’re looking for land for sale to build hospitals on, you will need to check your municipality’s zoning regulations. The same goes for building schools. Generally it’s better to build schools in low traffic areas to keep children safe. Hospitals on the other hand, tend to be located in high traffic areas, where they are most accessible to the public. A lot of people don’t even consider where the nearest hospital is in relation to a real estate property if they are buying a home.
However, proximity to hospitals might be very important to someone who is old or sick and must make regular trips to the hospital. People who work in hospitals, such as doctors or nurses or radiologists, look at homes for sale near hospitals to minimize their commute time. In most urban areas, hospitals are accessible by public transit and are also near major roadways so that ambulances can travel across town as quickly as possible. Likewise, some school teachers will look at homes for sale near schools where they work. I don’t have any children, so proximity to schools is not a concern for me in my search for homes for sale. One day I might like to find some land for sale and have a farm for mentally challenged animals. I once saw some disfigured chickens when visiting the country homes on les Iles D’orleans in Quebec; I felt really bad for them because they weren’t allowed in the high traffic tourist area because of their deformities. If I found a suitable piece of land for sale to start up a farm, I would make sure there were animal hospitals nearby in case of emergency. I probably wouldn’t have horses on my farm because they would destroy my garden and significantly reduce my house value. Lots of country home have horses around, but they’re usually fenced off in their own area and have their own little country homes called barns.
As much as I’d like to build country homes for my horses, I can’t really afford to buy that much land for sale. My budget will only allow me a small piece of real estate in the country. All of the homes for sale in nice urban areas are beyond my real estate budget. I will likely buy some land for sale in the country and design and build my own country homes on the land. I likely won’t need several country homes, but one can hope. I began my search for country homes for sale and land for sale in the country, by contacting a real estate agent and telling her what it was I was looking for. Real estate agents are the best at finding homes for sale or land for sale, depending on which you want. The have a list of all the homes for sale and they’re able to search for homes for sale that are suited to you by matching certain criteria that you provide them. For instance, you can tell your real estate agent to find you all the homes for sale in a certain urban area that are within a minimum distance of schools or hospitals or whatever.
A real estate agent can even predict fairly accurately what the traffic is like in an area because they’re usually very familiar with the areas they sell in. If you’re looking for an urban home where there’s not much traffic, your real estate agent will look for long streets with alternating one-ways to minimize through-traffic. I can tell you now that if I have kids one day, they won’t be fatties because they’ll be walking to school every day. All too often you see little kids getting driven to school in SUVs by their parents. If their parents just took a few minutes to walk with them to school or drop them off with a friend to walk with, we’d have far fewer problems with obesity. As you can see, real estate has a lot to do with lifestyle. If you decide to live in a country home and work in an urban area, you’ll have to do a lot more driving and see less of your family because you’re sitting in traffic on the high way instead. Your day might go something like this: drop your kids of at their respective schools; sit in traffic on your way to work in the city; daydream about what life would be like if you’d only listened to your real estate agent and looked for homes for sale in the city where you could have walked to worked and walked your kids to school in less time than you spend sitting in traffic each day; leave work to sit in traffic on your way home; and maybe see you family for a few tired minutes in the evening before bed. Try to take all of these things into account when buying real estate or assessing house value. House value isn’t just about finishes and square footage; house value is about quality of life.
Whether you’re looking for urban homes for sale or country homes for sale, remember that your house’s location should fit your lifestyle. If for instance, you buy some land for sale and build your dream country house on it, and then find that there’s nothing in walking distance of your house, you’ll probably get a lot less exercise, spend a lot more money on petrol, and then your kids will get fat. If you look for urban real estate, you might find homes for sale near your office and your kids’ schools. You could look for homes for sale near urban parks and shops so that you can get out more with your family. And if you get injured on one such outing, there are hospitals all over the place in urban areas. It seems as if urban homes for sale are by far the smarter choice here, but this is not always so. Urban homes for sale tend to be a lot more expensive than country homes for sale, depending on the area and the real estate market at the time. With so many people ‘flipping’ their urban houses and then listing the homes for sale at a much higher price, house value in urban areas has gone way up. There are no more cheap old fixer-upper homes for sale in the city because they’ve all been bought up, renovated, and sold at a massive profit.
This is an unfortunate trend for first time buyers and young couples who work in urban areas but can no longer afford homes for sale in urban areas. The real problem here is reality TV shows that show people how to take affordable old homes for sale and turn them into much more expensive real estate. For students, house value is less of a concern because students are generally renters. If you’re a student renting an apartment in an urban area, you’ll likely care more about the distance between your home and school than your landlord’s house value. You’ll probably also want to look for places with little traffic if you’ve got a serious workload. With high tuition and the increasing cost of living in urban areas near post-secondary school, you’d better be studying something worthwhile or you’ll be a very long time paying off your student debt. If you study medicine and end up working in urban hospitals, you should be able to pay off your debt in no time. If worst comes to worst and you wind up unemployed with a useless degree, you could always get your real estate license and become a successful real estate agent.
Another option is to get your teaching certificate and work in schools, whether high schools, pre schools, or elementary schools. If you’re really set on working in urban hospitals, you could do an extra year or two at college to become a medical technician.