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Black Diamond Ring: Not Your Typical Ring
Black Diamond rings are strange rings if you compare them to the ‘usual’. They are an opaque black color and worth a lot more than white diamonds or yellow diamonds-- in fact they are the most expensive of all diamonds even though they actually have the same strength as any other diamond! They are the rarest of all the diamonds and are mainly found in Brazil and have a great history behind them too. They formed in the centre of the earth about 3.5 billion years ago and with volcanic eruptions they are brought to the surface. The pressure and infernal heat is what causes it to form and they are in the middle of the transitional stage between granite and white diamonds.
Black diamond rings look best when placed in Titanium. A black diamond is considered a man ’s diamond, and when placed in Titanium the darkness of it is increased a lot. They look best when cut in a simple cut (16 faces or facets) and do not shine much. They can also be placed in yellow or white gold, but appear best in Titanium. The best way to display a black diamond is when it is next to or surrounded by white diamonds, color G – K, this creates a big contrast between the two, making the black diamond look more black and the white diamonds look whiter. The contrast between the two makes this diamond sell faster and adds to the value of the ring; generally the ring can sell for double its actual value when white diamonds are placed alongside it.
The mythology behind the black diamond is very contrary. The Indians thought the black diamond was a cursed stone, as it represented the eyes of snakes and spiders. To cross the path or find this diamond was a sign of death, the stone became the stone of the god Yama, the god of death. In Italy the stone was considered a stone that could repair a marriage, whenever a couple was fighting or considering divorce, they would just have to touch the stone and then all concerns would go into the stone and out of the couple.
There are a few very famous black diamonds. The first is a black diamond that weighs 55.85 carats and was so named in the occasion of Amsterdam 's 700th anniversary. The second black diamond was found in Brazil . The black diamond of Bahia which was discovered in Brazil is equally famous. This 350 carats stone is famous for its unpolished rugged look. It was so hard it could not be polished. The last is Black Star of Africa; it is also regarded to be the largest colored-diamond in the world. It weighed 202 carat and was valued at 1.2 million US dollars. All these diamonds, of course are under lock and key with a 24 hour armed guard. 
Black diamonds are for men, but some women wear them and make beautiful wedding bands and rings. They are highly priced but worth it, once you see the beauty in these diamonds, you will not look at a canary or white diamond the same light again.