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Class rings: It's all about YOU!


Here's bit of trivia to wow your student when he or she gets ready to purchase that important senior class ring:

The class of 1835 at the United States Military Academy at West Point started the tradition of class rings. Wonder who they found to make their rings for them?

Back in the day, we could have a ring with a smooth, center stone in one of our school colors, and the name of our school and our class year engraved on the sides. Today, it's all about having it your way – your school, your class year, your personal interests.

Have you taken a look lately at the amazing variety of symbols available for class rings?

First, there's the ring metal itself. You can have an economical metal alloy, a silver alloy, white or yellow gold, or even platinum. These metals come in antique finish, which gives a black background to the design, or a satin or luster finish, which makes them look more polished.

Next, there are the stones. You can have a center stone in one of your school colors. The stone can be smooth or cut with facets like a diamond. Or you could have your centered stone surrounded with gems of a contrasting color. You can get your ring with your birthstone. Some rings come with crests set on the top of the stones. Stones can be cut so that a design beneath them shows through.

But the really cool signs of who you are show in the ring's side engravings.

Are you on the swim team at your high school? Check – one swimmer. And you play in the marching band? Great – got a trumpet, a trombone, a clarinet, a tuba, brass, drums, woodwinds and more. Science geek? Super – pick your computer, chemistry beaker, radio antenna tower, atom. Love literature? No problem – books galore. You can pitch an engraving of a football, basketball, baseball, soccer ball or tennis ball onto your ring.

Are you a star on the school stage? Got your comedy/tragedy masks right here. In Chorus? Do-re-mi, it's notes you'll see. Have a favorite club or organization? Got those too. Love animals? Dogs and cats, even some farm and wild animals are available. If you've chosen a career already, you can often find a symbol for that as well.

Include your personal beliefs. Designs for Christian, Jewish and Muslim believers are offered by many vendors. A whole zodiac of astrology symbols can be had, too. There's a series for national pride, such as a range of American flags and flags from many countries such as China, Mexico, Canada, Bolivia and others around the globe. In fact, what could be more personal than your name? You can get your first name engraved on a band over your stone. Get your name or initials carved on the side.

Your class ring no longer tells only what school you graduate from. It tells the world all about YOU.