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Looking at The Various Styles of Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings are simply rings with multiple types of stones on them, ranging in all colours and cuts. They are usually set in 10ct or 18ct yellow gold to give it a classical look, but are sometimes set in white gold as well

There are different types of gemstone rings so to help you decide which is right for you; here is a breakdown of each:

Birthstone rings:  These represent your zodiac sign.  Some people believe that by wearing the ring then it will ward off evil and bring good luck.  Some just like it for the sake of having it. These usually have just one stone in them being the birthstone, but sometimes are surrounded by diamonds.

Multi Gemstone rings: This is a ring with multiple stones in it ranging between a lot of colours but generally they are all the same size.  They are sometimes arranged into patterns to create a moiré trendy look.  Some people believe that this is a good way to have all the stones powers in one. These are normally always set in 9ct yellow gold to give it a classical look.

Anniversary rings: Like the birthstone ring it represents certain amounts of years of marriage.  These usually have small diamonds to give the   ring a shine making the centre stone or main stone look larger and more attractive. These are very nice thoughtful gifts.

Family rings:  These are like eternity rings, where the birthstone of each family member is placed on the ring and set in.  This is meant to give   a spiritual bonding between the family.  These make really nice gifts for   anyone or everyone in the family.

Religious and mythological rings:  Some believe that stones contain special powers that can help ward off evil or help achieve something.  These   achievements can vary between money to love to luck.  These are always set   in 9ct or 18ct yellow gold and can contain a lot of different stones in them   or just one. They sometimes come with matching sets with ear rings and   pendants.

Gemstone rings make sweet presents, these should be reserved for that special someone, because of their price.  Gemstones also add a fashion aspect to any ring. A classic ring can be made to look modern and sassy with an addition of a stone that strikes an emotion. The more ‘bling’ the more the rings seem to be worth. In this day and age the more shine you have the more you are valued. Gemstones are a perfect way to shine your way into someone’s heart. Perhaps someone in your family, or a girlfriend/boyfriend, or wife/husband, most people love these rings and it is a thoughtful type of gift to give, it says that you know a lot about the person and that you care for them in either a romantic or friendship manner. Gemstones are unisex and thus can add charm to any man or woman’s life. Gemstones show a person’s personality depending on the cut or design of the gemstones and how they are placed and situated on the finger.  There is no better way to show you care than wearing it everyday around your finger…