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Looking At Jade Rings From Then to Now

Jade—more than just a pretty name—was originally used for bead work, buttons and tubular ornaments while others used the jade for axes and weaponry of all kinds! As technology grew so did the advances in jade shaping and it was found that jade was a very malleable stone and could be made into interesting designs and shapes which made it perfectly for jewellery; jade rings in particular. Jade is made of two types known as Nephrite which appears as a dull white or green colour and the other is Jadeite which can be found in lavender, pink or emerald green.

This unusual stone can be crafted into every shape possible and is best fitted into gold or white gold rings dependant on the color of jade you find while highlighting the jade with matching color gemstones or simple white diamonds that add an extra shine to any gem and helps enhance the simplest of beauties. Jade looks best with a double band or triple as the single band takes away the complexity and utter brilliance of the jade stone’s ability to attract the human eye. The 2008 Summer Olympic medals adorned the ever popular jade stone and created wealth and popularity of the stone all over the world. The jade adds a slight green shine to all minerals it comes into contact with and enhances the gold shine and silver sparkle. It is not a dull or over used stone. It is an always popular favorite and is well known all over the world for its strength and value on the market. Jadeite has the hardness of between 6.5 and 7.0 while Nephrite has the hardness of 5.5 to 6.0 meaning it can work well with quartz or garnet sand and was traditionally polished with bamboo or even ground jade itself to add an extra glimmer and shine to the rounded texture. 

The jade stone is highly sacred in China for it ceremonial purposes as many jade ornaments and dragons have been dug up from old tombs and placed in museums. Jade was known as the imperial gem and is still highly sought after even today in the Chinese community and all around the world. It is rare to find perfect jade that has been carved into an ornament or statue making them highly valuable. In ancient times jade was considered more valuable than gold and silver so for you to have a jade ring was a real honor and privilege. Jade stones can be chemically enhanced or dyed to the buyer’s personal taste in colors or textures so it is a very good stone to work with and manipulate to ever changing fashion trends and tastes.

A jade ring works well for any occasion as it does not posses a single idea or emotion and is versatile for the reasoning behind its purchase. You can buy a jade ring for any event or purpose whether it is for a friend or lover. The jade is everlasting for any age group and holds firm against the changing styles as jade is available in an assortment of shapes and colors. A jade ring will say it all to that special someone… eternal and everlasting, like they will always be to you.