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Lip Rings…Ouch!


You may think ‘ouch’ when you think of lip rings and nothing more, but this piercing is a trend that seems to be here to stay. Aside from the fact that it is neat change from the usual piercings it is actually a pretty small way to make a huge statement…though I’m not quite sure what that statement says!

Lip piercings are fast healing and can be changed very regularly due to that fact that your own saliva has a healing agent and helps to keep the piercing clean and disinfected. In case you hadn’t already figured it out; lips should ONLY be pierced by a trained professional and should be pierced with a ring at first to help it clean and healthy.

Lip rings are available in stainless steel, titanium, gold, silver and bioplast. You can have a half bar, straight bar, half ring and twirling stud. Any design or shape can be put into a lip ring which means a lot of option as far as self expression goes! Lip rings can have added on accessories such as spikes, diamante balls or ultraviolet balls. These balls can be in any colour, shape or design. Some have words printed into them, small patterns or even a name on the ball. A lip ring is made to highlight the lip area and attract to the fullness and pout of a person’s lower or upper lip and with all of these options it’s easy to add some personal flair to it too!

Lip rings can be situated on either side of the lip known as ‘snake’ bites or in the middle as a stud or as a ‘Madonna’ which is close to the bottom of your lip and allows for a small ring to be inserted to just surround the lip and not make a large impact. You can have as many as four lip rings in your lip at one time. Lip rings are common in many fashion trends as the ‘gangster’ look or gothic impression. Lip rings must be looked after carefully and avoid any sharp tugging or pulling on a lip ring. A lip ring can be very decorative and add an extra flash to any occasion or outfit. A lip ring ball can be very ornamental if a charm or object of sort is strung from the ball or bar. Perfect for a simple classic look such as a small diamante or birthstone to a very in-your-face design such as a ring or large ball. A lip ring is a very individual statement and speaks a thousand words about the wearer.

Last but totally not least, here is a little info on how to clean your lip piercing. To clean a lip ring you need 500ml of boiling water, add one teaspoon of salt and stir till dissolved. Wait for the water to cool down, use an ear bud and clean around and inside the piercing. For the first 6 weeks the ring should not be removed or changed. If yellow ooze forms around the piercing it means your piercing is healing nicely and should be cleaned twice a day. You cannot smoke or drink for two weeks after getting a lip ring and you cannot eat for a day due to the swelling and discomfort. If a serious infection occurs you should put petroleum jelly on the incision for a few minutes and clean thoroughly.