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Navel Rings: A Painful But Pretty Trend

Body piercing has been around for a long time and became very fashionable in the nineteen seventies. It has recently received a new revival of trend within the last ten years thanks to the likes of pop stars like Britney Spears, which brings me to the most common piercing-- navel rings. The navel ring or “belly ring” as it is known by some can be worn by both sexes but is more associated with women than it is men. Women believe that this type of piercing will draw attention to their stomach area and therefore be sexy and provocative to the desired sex of their choice. Piercings used to be symbolic or even spiritual but these days it’s become pretty much common practice for millions of people all in the name of fashion, vanity and sex appeal.

Navel rings aren’t all pretty and easy though. There are a few things that you need to know before you go out and have some random stranger start poking holes in you! Before you choose the right place for you to have a navel ring fitted keep a few things in mind. Check out the health and safety license that the shop holds as this is paramount to you knowing that they practice safe and clean piercings that will not get infected because of cross contamination. Check that the person who is going to perform the piercing is qualified. if they are a trainee they should have someone qualified sitting with them at all times. If the piercing is done incorrectly, you will need to seek out medical treatment and help. Word of mouth is always a good sign check out the shop before you have the procedure done and talk to the customers, see if they are satisfied and only when you are sure of these three things go ahead and book your appointment. Some countries and states hold an age precaution to when you are allowed to have this procedure done. Not all places are the same so check your area before you book the appointment to avoid disappointment.

The ring that is used when your navel is pierced for the first time is often made out of stainless steel to avoid any problems with the healing of the wound. Your stomach area will be sprayed with a local anesthetic before being clamped and a dot drawn on both side of the belly button. You will be shown this to make sure you are happy with the angle and straightness of the piercing. A large needle will then be passed though the two holes and a ring inserted. It does hurt a little some say but it is more uncomfortable than horrible. The first ring you will have will be on a larger scale so that when the area swells the ring can still have some movement. The clip that joins the ring at this point can be plain or can have a jewel in it to make it more attractive. Some people skip this point until they move down a size which is roughly four weeks later. After you have healed then you can have the ring removed and a smaller one inserted or a bar if that’s more your style.