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Ooh La La: A Look at Nipple Rings

Nipple rings are a fashion statement as well as a piercing that is often done to enable the person to have heightened sexual feeling. This is definitely a very personal preference and NOT for the faint hearted!

Truth be told; piercings are very painful as it is, but the nipple ring is by far one of the most painful! You are given a local anesthetic spray on the area to make sure that the sensitiveness is decreased before they pierce the area. A nipple ring is always used when the piercing is first done. This is because the piercing will swell during the first few weeks afterwards. Nipple piercing has come in and out of fashion for years now with a recent revival in the trend for alternative fashions it has again become one of the most asked for piercings in any clinic. A nipple ring can be worn by both sexes and is equally associated with both, either one sex or the other having this procedure done than the other. Not all piercings are for people you consider as strange or unusual you would be quite shocked by what people have actually got them. Some of the very last people that you would think of at all have nipple rings because sexual relations can last between people for years and nipple rings last for a life time too.

Before you decide to go and have your nipple or even nipples pierced you need to make sure you know what you are doing and that you have made the right choice for you. In some situations you may feel that you have to go and have this procedure done to please your partner but this should not be the case as this type of decision should be yours and yours alone to make. It should be known that if this procedure is done wrong then you will lose some or all sensitivity in the nipple that you have pierced completely forever even if the ring is taken out and the hole left to heal. So always make sure that the procedure is something you want before you go for it. Even the most qualified of piercers can get this procedure wrong. So always make sure that you check out the clinic you are to have it done at before you trust them with such an intimate part of your body. After the piercing has been done it will take approximately six to eight weeks to heal. Keeping it clean is paramount to making sure it heals correctly and without any problems like infection. An infected piercing will become more red than normal, possibly ooze and will be very itchy. If this happens to you then you will need to seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid the infection getting any worse.

Once the piercing has healed correctly and all of the swelling has gone down you can change the ring if you want for a bar. Some people prefer to have a bar compared to a ring as they find it does not catch on their clothes as much on them. Both bars and rings you can buy in any metal but you will find that most of them are made out of stainless steel but you can buy them in Gold. Also both bars and rings can be adorned in jewels and can be very attractive to the lucky person who gets to see them!