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Olympic Rings: A Symbol of Pride

The Olympic Games symbol (the Olympic rings as many know it) is made up of five interlocking rings, colored blue, yellow, black, and green, on a white background.  These rings symbolize passion, faith, victory, work ethic, and sportsmanship. This logo was designed in 1912 by Pierre de Coubertin; who also happened to be a baron.

This symbol became popular and renowned during the lead-up to the 1936 summer Olympics in Berlin.  The undying torch also became famous like this as well. It also a symbol for the Olympic Games, Carl Diem, president of the Organizing Committee wanted to hold a torchbearers' ceremony in the stadium at Delphi, which was the site of the ever famous oracle, where the Pythian Games were also once held.

Some people believe that each ring is a different country.  This is wrong because they indeed are not.  There are no five specific countries that have anything to do with the Olympic Games as it is a  worldwide event, bringing fans and competitors from every corner of the earth to one place, to compete in various activates. These activities range from show jumping, pole vault, hammer throw, javelin, running, speed walking and include competitions all the way to swimming.  All the countries compete in these sports, only the best of the best, or rather the fittest, get in, by passing a series of tests and a test to actually get into the Olympics.

The person or country who actually wins a certain tournament will bring joy and pride to his country, letting the world know that they are the best of the best in that field.  This is something similar to soccer, where they have the Soccer World Cup every 4 years, bringing many countries into it, choosing the best of the best out of their national teams, training them, teaching them what they need to know, showing them the ropes basically.  I think we can all agree that Brazil has done quite well for itself in the past few years in soccer.  I went there once, and I now understand why they are so good at it. They always play the sport. From a young age they are brought up to play indoor and outdoor soccer.  With every building there is a soccer court, a swimming pool, and an entertainment area where there are pool tables etc.  This is the same for the people who win the Olympic Games. They have been training for it all their lives and have worked hard from a young age to get where they are.  So don't be mad when your country does not win, just keep in mind that whoever won, has been training long and hard for most of their lives to get where they are, and they deserve to be there.

The Olympic rings are the main symbol of the Olympic Games; the whole world knows their symbol even if they aren’t fans of the sports.  A nice thing about the Olympic Games is that they cater for most sports, and attract most peoples attention because everyone can relate to at least one or more sports in the Olympic Games.  Look at it like a massive diversity!