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Platinum Rings: The Cadillac of Precious Metals

It’s funny when you realize that the material that we all covet for our rings to be made of is the same stuff used to make medical equipment, dentist equipment and some catalytic converters! I’m talking about platinum and more specifically, platinum rings. In this article we are going to discuss the use of platinum in jewelry, the reason for it and most important of all; the price.

You may be confused when it comes to buying platinum rings because of all of the other metals available to you and you likely have no idea why it is that platinum is the metal of choice for things like engagement rings. Platinum is hard wearing and durable and a lot tougher than gold. Gold is easily bent and gets scratched so it is less durable and valuable than platinum. Platinum does scratch but not the way you would think. The scratches are actually just signs of the metal displacing and can be polished out by any jeweler once they become too obvious to the eye. After polishing the ring will look brand new and will never dull or disintegrate with age. Wedding and engagement rings need to be hard wearing and so do rings that you wear often because of the harshness we all put our hands through. This is why choosing platinum is perfect if you want a ring to be hard wearing and long lasting but will still look and feel great! Platinum also has such sheen to it that it is the perfect metal to show off a diamond and or gem stone to its full potential and enhancement.

When buying the perfect platinum ring you will need to shop around and make sure that you get the best deal for the budget you have. You can visit local store and shops online to have the best advantage of picking up a beautiful ring at a knock down price. Because of the cost of a platinum ring it is always a good idea to check out the shop or site before you art with your hard earn money. Always check when you are on line that the store on the website has a valid address and contact telephone number listed. This way if there are any problems you have the reassurance that there will be someone available at the end of the phone to help you out.  Check out that the company themselves have a good reputation. If they have treated customers before badly then they are more than likely to treat you just the same. Look for testimonials, ratings and reviews written by private contractors that are independent to the company to save your self any future problems. Check to see if they have any warrantees that come with the rings and or insurance when the item is in transit. The last thing you want is to loose your money because the ring has got lost in transit.

When it comes to choosing the ideal ring, there is no doubt that platinum is the Cadillac of all materials and definitely worth the extra money.