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Super Bowl Rings: EVery Sports Fan's Dream

Super Bowl Rings are a lot like a grad ring or a high school ring in the sense that they look the same and have the same shape.  The only difference is that they are for Super Bowl players and fans. These rings have a crest on the top, which you keep pointed out to show who you support or just plainly to show off your ring! There can also be writing on the side of the ring, but this of course depends on what the ring is for. If it is for the number of times a player or team has won then those details are what will be written on the side of the ring. 

These are fairly large rings, made from stainless steel, yellow gold, or white gold.  Fine designs are printed onto the ring when it is being made. Crests, symbols, and footballs are the more likely things that you will see on these rings.  It is difficult to find these rings, and the best place to go look for them is either at the actual Super Bowl game, or by going to a jeweler who provides them, but this of course will be hard to find.  Either that or you can Google the rings and then you will be able to select from a multitude of options and be informed as to where they are available, how much it will cost, what you want it to look like and much more.

Super Bowl is an award in the National Football League given to members of the winning team of the league’s annual championship game.  The prices for these rings are roughly $5000 apiece; depending on what you want the ring to look like, some of the rings actually contain diamonds. This is to show that the players are powerful and rich.  A team can give any of these rings away for free to anyone, including the defeated team, coaches, former players, hurt players, inactive players, or even the crowd.  They have a limit of 150 rings to give away, and must pay for anything over that. 

These rings are featured with diamonds in the shape of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  Some show the number of Super Bowls that the franchise has won.  These rings can also be customized to show the player's name and uniform number.  Replicas of these rings are very famous, and some people actually collect the originals. 

These are wonderful rings to have for any sports fanatic, but they may be uncomfortable to wear even though they are nice to have—probably better coveted from afar than worn! You can even go Googleing the people who own the most rings.  The most are held by Neal Dahlen, who has five from San Francisco and two from Denver.  To have one of these rings, especially an original, is worth a lot more than what it appears to be worth, and if you can get one, then go for it.  This will prove to be a great investment for in the future or even something that you can cherish and pass down from generation to generation, though I  do not recommend you using this as your wedding ring…