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Womens Rings For the Jewelry Fiends in All Of Us

There is no doubt that rings have a very special place in women’s hearts. Regardless of style or taste, there are womens rings to satisfy the little jewellery lover in all of us and in today’s internet driven world, finding a ring that suits us just right is easier than ever.

As far as different types of rings go; we all can conker that the most coveted and cherished rings of all are usually the engagement and wedding rings. As far as cost and value go; diamonds are a girl’s best friend for a reason! They are shiney, valuable and worth every penny! But for those of us who don’t have or want one of these or just simply crave to have all kinds of styles, there are several that you can choose from to make your digits as pretty or cool as can be. Check it out:

Stainless steel rings: Rings made of stainless steel are not only for fingers but commonly used for pirecings as well thanks to their shine, durability and rust-proof ways.

Skull rings: these are yet another categorization of rings in which all the rings have a skull head attached. These rings are not for everyone but definitely have their place as they continue to be incredibly popular.

Titanium rings: titanium was commonly used  for building parts for aircraft and machinery but eventually started to be used in the making of jewellery and are available in all kinds of styles and designs.

Silver rings: Silver rings are by far considered THE most fashionable ring type. They are affordable and attractive and thanks to silver’s ease to work with; they come in a HUGE variety of designs.

Gold Rings: Gold rings are probably the best known and most worn type of rings. You can have yellow gold and white gold which also come in a variety of weights and grades meaning something for most budgets.

Sterling silver rings: Sterling is basically a metal which is comprised of 92%silver and  7-8%of copper making it harder and more durable than silver yet still as beautiful in its sheen and design.

Apart from these types of rings, there are also rings that are made for specific occasions like engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings…the list goes on…

And finally; rings are not only for the hands you know! Toe rings are another type of ring used to pretty up your digits only these digits are the ones on your feet! Toe rings have become wildly popular in recent years yet have been around for thousands of years in places like India where they are worn not only for fashion but as a symbol of marriage as well!

No matter what you’re into, you’re bound to find a ring that you love. A surf session online or a trip to a shop or street vendor is all you need to get your ring fix no matter what your taste!