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 WWE Rings: Action At Its Most Entertaining

The world of wrestling and specifically WWE which stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, has become one of the most adored and loved sports in the world. The wrestlers who compete in the sport are worshiped as heroes and millions of little boys and girls around the earth dream of stepping into the wrestling ring when they grow up. But where did the famous sport and its renowned ring come from originally?

The art of wrestling and the wrestling ring have their origins in ancient fighting traditions. In older times, and even fairly recently in third world Asian countries, duals and fights were traditionally fought on a raised, square platform surrounded by open areas. The combatants would fight on the platform and it was considered a loss if one combatant fell off the platform or out of the designated area. This meant that he was disqualified.  There were problems with this though…

Fairly soon these sorts of duals became common entertainment for the local people, and they would stand in the open area around the platform cheering, swearing and betting on and for their favorite fighter. It was in this way that fighting was born as a sought after sport. Fighting rapidly became commercialized and fighters became well paid sports men who only fought as a profession.

The wrestling style originated from an ancient technique where a person would immobilize his opponent by snapping bones and dislocating joints. Commercial fighting began to get troublesome however as many fighters would end up mortally wounded or impaired, and so slowly rules were set in place that stopped combatants from performing moves that left permanent effects. This proved a wise choice as now fights would drag on longer and fans were better entertained.

This also was what resulted in the first wrestling ring. Fights were often ended short by competitor’s being thrown out of the ring. Investors in the sport realized they needed to take action and so the first wires were set around the ring. These wires were stiff, but soon they evolved into flexile and elastic wires that allow wrestlers to perform explosive and acrobatic moves, thus pleasing the crowd to no extent. And so the wrestling ring was born.  This was a good idea as it entertained the crowds more and for longer periods of time.

There are also more than one type of wrestling arena. A good example of this would be a 'cage match'. A cage match is when a literal cage is lowered over the wrestling ring and a fight will continue until one wrestler is able to leave the ring without opposition. This really has a historic background and represents a death match or fight t the death. In modern times being able to leave a closed ring without opposition is a representation of being the only person left alive after a fight.

A wrestling ring is a recognized symbol of entertainment and has deep historical roots in a diverse range of cultures, and so can be considered a part of all of our lives whether we’re into it or not.