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Why it’s Time to STOP Rolling Your Eyes at Online Dating


It’s great that online dating has finally become as ‘acceptable’ as it is now. There was a time when a friend might raise an eyebrow and maybe throw a cocky jab or two if you dared to say that you had met someone online, but these days it’s becoming the norm it seems. And why shouldn’t it when you think about the fact that most of us are too busy to eat sometimes let alone spend night after night trolling the hotspots in search of someone to love…or at least date.

There are actually quite a few great things about opting to meet someone this way. I personally find it strangely romantic since Tom Hanks said “Don’t cry…ShopGirl” as he wiped away Meg Ryan’s tears at the end of the film ‘You’ve Got Mail’. Sure, we all wish that we could meet someone while strolling through a park, have our eyes meet and just know they’re THE one, but that’s not to say that meeting by the glow of your laptop screen window isn’t romantic! What a great love story it would be to be telling your grandkids one day that you found each other out of the thousands of other profiles on that dating site on that lonely Sunday night…sigh…

I already mentioned how great it is to be able to meet people from the comfort of your own home when you can squeeze in the time in your busy life, but there are other benefits, like the power that online dating gives you when it comes to weeding out the cruds. I know, it’s not nice to call people cruds, but if you’ve been dating for awhile then you KNOW that there are some creepy, weird…well, cruds, out there! As opposed to having to deal with one face to face upon meeting or even worse; endure one on a first date, you can chat with them online or on the phone a couple of times before deciding to meet in person. And when you don’t like something they say or write, you can hang up and then delete, delete, delete! 

I have another praise to sing about online dating which is that you’re also more likely to meet someone who wants the same things as you a lot quicker than with regular dating. For the most part, the men and women on dating sites are there because they want to find someone. The ones who are on their looking for something that falls to the more casual or…um…intimate side things will usually make that clear or simply post their profile in the appropriate category so you can bypass them and focus your energy on the likeminded peeps. This is not to say that you don’t on occasion run into the odd player, but more often than not, you can figure that if they’ve gone through the trouble of creating an online dating profile, complete with pictures and all, then they’re likely serious about wanting to meet someone just as you are.

Online dating really is the way to go in today’s world and if you go into it with the same gusto and big smile that you do with regular dating, then you can make it just as fun if not even more!