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Depression and anxiety are some of the top and common medical condition with many people. In USA alone over 18 million adults are treated for this condition in each year. Over the years the medical practice disciple has come out with means of dealing with problem of depression. Before attempting to explain or define what anti anxiety drugs are and what they do it is imperative to explain what depression is from the onset. Depression can be explained as that overwhelming grip of feeling s of fear; lowness, boredom and general lose of interest if anything that pertains to life. While it is normal to go through those low ebbs in life some conditions of lowness actually deteriorate to severe levels of stress where one has his or her routine of life disrupted y the siege of overbearing feeling of fear misery. This condition can also e attributed to major shifts or transition in life which can collectively work together to work down this condition to condition of depression.

Extreme indicators of the condition of depression enlist suicide, or suicide attempts, deliberate isolation from family or friends and any companionship. Severe depression results in serious disabling condition where the victim is no longer in a stale state of mind and is vulnerable to irrational behavior and normally dangerous self-conceived ways of dealing with situations build up the condition of depression. Having gone so far with explaining the condition of depressions, it may e easy to explain what anti anxiety drugs are and how these actually get to alleviate the problem of depression. Depression is characterised by the imbalance be of critical chemical components in the rain known as neurotransmitters. Now anti anxiety drugs are known to simply boost the levels of these neurotransmitters in your brain. 

The role of the anti anxiety drugs is to normalize the chemical processes in your brain which actualize the condition of depression. Now there are different anti anxiety drugs for different depression conditions. Each antidepressant has its own role in the chemical processes in the rain but the key functions of the anti anxiety drugs is to stabilize the chemical processes in the rain and to alter the chemical level soft the neurotransmitters to ensure that processes and the systems of the rain function normally.  The effectiveness of the antidepressant also depend son various factors. It is wise to seek the professional medical help before you get your self into a course of anti anxiety drugs. Many anti anxiety drugs are known to yield positive results in the long run. What has been established is the fact that antidepressant just like anxiety drugs are to be taken as the solution the problem of depressions but as mere initial measures of addressing the root problem. There are other holistic measure of addressing depression such the use of herbal medicines and various other approaches that you consider  instead of sticking to anti anxiety drugs.