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Like any medical condition the problem of anxiety demands appropriate and prompt medical attention. Whilst the subject of the effectiveness of the use of anxiety drugs and other artificial means of dealing with the condition what can not be disputed that like any other medical condition anxiety demands prompt professional medical attention. The problem of anxiety is more serious than many of us actually take it.  Anxiety panic attacks obtain when one is gripped by a pervading and overwhelming feeling of fear. The fear may be triggered by some scenario that the individual is particularly accustomed to. Common fear triggers are bid stage appearances, or when some one has just experienced a horrifying accident or a ghastly event. More often than not anxiety conditions culminate from psychological dynamics rather and reality. Clearly the problem of anxiety calls for timely and appropriate medication.

One critical aspect of anxiety attacks is that although the attack may last for a few minutes or even seconds in some occasions, the attack often leaves very significant impact which may trigger the relay of a series of other panic attacks culminating from the psychological condition defined by the fear of future attacks. This is known as Anticipatory Anxiety. What happens in this case is that in the stead of calming down in between the occurrences of these anxiety sieges one in engrossed in the fear of going through the same thing gain in the near or distant future. If the person goes on without appropriate medical help the fear gets so disabling and may culminate in even more dire psychological and physiological conditions.

Antidepressant drugs are the kind of drugs that will assist in actually calming down and relaxing an anxious person under siege of overwhelming tensions associated with anxiety. There are various Antidepressant drugs and done has to consult with his or her medical expert to establish and getting appropriate form of medication. In the category of Antidepressant drugs there are also antidepressants which play a more or less similar role like the anti anxiety drugs. Also certain forms of anxiety disorder classifiable under some categories of neurosis can lead to panic attacks. Research has established strong links between the prevalence of anxiety conditions and certain family genealogies. Medical research has concluded that anxiety conditions do run in families. Having mentioned the foregoing medical research has also authenticated that nonetheless common causes of anxiety attacks that may strike just any one are major transitions such as expecting a baby, first day at work, getting married and severe stress. These are just some of the few of a long list of upheavals triggered by those major transitions in life. The need for medical help in such scenarios can not overemphasize. If anxiety conditions are taken reluctantly they can result is serious disabling conditions and disorder and this is the last thing you want to happen to you.