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Many people may have heard about the various side effects from taking drugs for anxiety, leaving them to wonder if it is worth their usage.  People who suffer from anxiety may be wondering if there are alternatives to taking these drugs.  They may not have the money to afford them or they may have a medical condition that prevents them from taking anxiety drugs, or maybe they know that they may develop a dependency on these drugs.  If people want to overcome their condition without taking drugs, they should do all of the research that they can about their condition.

                No one knows what causes anxiety.  Many drug companies are subscribing to the theory that anxiety is a chemical imbalance in the brain, while scientists believe that it is caused by a specific gene.  There are experiments underway that are designed to discover the cause of anxiety, until then all that is known are the effects of anxiety.  Anxiety will cause a person to be short of breath, to have an increased heart rate and to have an unreasonable fear for the future.  They may feel as if they are in a room with the walls closing in and they are overcome with claustrophobia.  They feel restless and ready to crawl out of their own skin.  People who have to endure these symptoms frequently may begin to feel frustrated with this condition, causing them to seek help.

                They may feel that the only help that they can get is to take drugs for anxiety and depression.  They may not be aware that there are many, nondrug alternatives to taking drugs for anxiety.  These include breathing exercises, engaging in physical activity or otherwise trying to divert the brain’s attention away from the anxiety.  Giving attention to the anxiety is similar to throwing gasoline on a fire, causing it to become bigger and out of control.  If the mind is diverted by engaging in a physical activity that employs the mind’s concentration, the anxiety will not have any fuel to burn.  The method of focusing on the breath has been around for thousands of years and has been used by many cultures around the world.  It simply involves observing and counting each inhale and exhale.  If done correctly, this will take the mind’s attention away from the anxiety it is feeling.  If a person is unable to watch the breath, they could go for a walk or even a jog in order to take the mind’s focus off of the anxiety.

                People who suffer from light anxiety may not need to take drugs for anxiety.  There are safer alternatives available that may work better than taking drugs, a person only needs to find out what method will work best for them.  Overcoming anxiety is possible without drugs, however if a person is suffering from extreme anxiety, they should consult their doctor before engaging in any type of regimen based on drugs for anxiety.   If they have a serious medical condition that prohibits using these drugs, they can then explore the alternatives to taking drugs for anxiety.