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Japanese Fashion

When it comes to influential fashion markets, most people tended to look at European fashion to get new ideas for styles.  However, in recent decades, many people find that Japanese Fashion is simply irresistible.  A blend of exotic designs and futuristic imagination, Japanese Fashion is practically impossible to define.  The way you dress in Japan is a huge statement about who you are and this idea of fashion as self-expression has produced some of the most innovative fashion styles in recent years.  Although it is impossible to fully summarize the different elements of japanese fashion, our fashion experts will examine some of the most enduring trends of japanese fashions.

In previous generations, when people thought about Japanese Fashion, they would immediately think about a kimono.  A traditional Japanese dress, the kimono is still worn commonly in Japanese homes.  In some cases, you will be able to spot kimonos on the streets of major Japanese cities.  Although the kimono has played a historical role in Japanese fashion, its popularity here is rather recent.  A comfortable thing to wear around the home, a kimono is also a great statement about how cultured you are.

When people discuss Japanese Fashion, they are usually talking about what is known as Japanese street fashion.  It is impossible to pinpoint one particular look in Japanese street fashion, but all of the different japanese fashion styles are greatly influenced by Western fashion.  However, the great thing about Japanese Fashion is that it adds a unique cultural twist that seem to make these traditional Western clothing a thousand times cooler.

To examine why japanese fashion is so popular and innovative, you have to understand the attitudes that Japanese people have towards clothing.  Street fashion is so endearing because it allows the person wearing its clothes to personally customize their outfit.  Mixing different styles and traditional styles is a big part of Japanese Fashion and you can see it in these different japanese fashion styles.

One of the most popular Japanese Fashion styles is known as the Lolita look that is inspired by Victorian children’s clothing and sophisticated costumes.  An edgy style that incorporates elements of punk fashion and goth fashion, one of the most enduring images of the Lolita look are French maid outfits.  When people think about Japan they immediately think about how technologically advanced the country is and its influence on Japanese pop culture.  Videogames, anime and manga comic books are cultural staples and this has bled into the popular japanese fashion known as cosplay, which involves dressing in a similar way as one of your favorite cultural characters.

While Japanese Fashion is often associated with cuteness, there are many styles in japanese fashion that can only be described as being quintessial cool.  The kogul style of fashion combines sophisticated clothing and the latest fashions to express that you are aware of the latest cultural trends.  A more dressier Japanese fashion style is known as Ganguro, which involved bleached hair, platform shoes, and brightly colored clothes.  This flashy style of dressing is becoming more and more popular throughout the world.  One of the most endearing Japanese Fashion styles is known as bōsōzoku, which involved wearing military styled overcoats and baggy matching pants.  This style is very similar to the greaser style of 1950s fashion.