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Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie is best known to American audiences for his role on House. As Dr. Gregory House, hugh laurie has won a Golden Globe and secured his popularity worldwide. Before house, Hugh Laurie was best known to British audiences and BBC watchers. A gifted musician and comedian, hugh laurie starred on the popular British sketch comedy show a bit of fry and laurie. The sketch show a bit of fry and laurie paired Hugh Laurie with his best friend and fellow comedian Stephen Fry. Hugh Laurie has had a long and busy career as a comedian and write but House is what has brought him worldwide recognition. On house, hugh laurie still uses his comic and musical talents. Often Hugh Laurie as House plays the piano.
As house, hugh laurie is always the comedian. While House is actually a medical drama, the comedy is what makes house different from other medical shows on television. House owes its success to the comic gifts of Hugh Laurie. Many Americans were surprised to learn that their favourite Dr. House is played by an English actor. Hugh Laurie has mastered an American accent so well that even the casting director of house did not actually know hugh laurie was an English actor at first. But hugh laurie was born in Oxford, England and has spent most of his career in English films and shows for the BBC. Hugh Laurie went to Cambridge for college. It was at Cambridge that hugh laurie met his future comedy partner Stephen Fry, who would eventually star with Hugh Laurie in a bit of fry and laurie. At Cambridge, hugh laurie also met English actor Emma Thompson, with whom he remains close friends. Fry, Thompson, and Hugh Laurie were part of a college comedy troupe called the Cambridge Footlights. Hugh Laurie has always worked as a comedian. Despite the sometimes serious aspects of House, hugh laurie keeps audiences laughing through the drama. After Cambridge, hugh laurie did a lot of theatre and fringe shows with Fry and Thompson. Hugh Laurie is well known for his musical talent.
The favourite instruments of hugh laurie are the piano and singing. In house, hugh laurie is often seen listening to music and playing music. In one particular episode of House, Hugh Laurie treats a savant patient who has an amazing gift as a pianist. In this episode, hugh laurie as house plays a song he wrote and the savant helps him finish it. The other doctors are surprised House is so skilled at the piano and audiences were impressed with Hugh Laurie and his talent. On the show a bit of fry and laurie, hugh laurie often played a song at the end of the episode. Stephen Fry would request to Hugh Laurie “Please Mr. Music, will you play?” and hugh laurie would play a song on various instruments. The comedy show a bit of fry and laurie made hugh laurie a British comic star. The show a bit of fry and laurie was done in the vein of Monty Python, in which Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry would come up with absurd and random characters and sketches. Apparently a bit of fry and laurie was intellectual comedy. Rather than just the silliness of a regular sketch show, a bit of fry and laurie also incorporated a lot of wordplay. So while North American audiences did not become familiar with hugh laurie until House premiered in 2004, a bit of fry and laurie had been running in Britain since the late 1980s. Besides a bit of fry and laurie, hugh laurie also played many roles on the hit comedy series The Blackadder, starring Rowan Atkinson. Hugh Laurie has been a major name in comedy for over twenty years now and it is about time he is getting recognition for his comic work. House seems like a perfect role for hugh laurie, as in house he can bring both his comedic talents and his dramatic skills to work.
The American drama House centres around a very dysfunctional doctor played by hugh laurie. House is the chief of diagnostic medicine and as such gets to choose his cases. As house, Hugh Laurie plays a very particular, selfish, and depressed doctor who is also incredibly brilliant. The cases on house are always very rare symptoms that hugh laurie and his team have to discover the cause of before time runs out. The drama on House is always exciting, though few patients die so the question usually is not will Hugh Laurie figure out the problem in time but how. What makes the show so entertaining beyond the medical drama is hugh laurie as Doctor House. House is a man who does not like or trust people. Hugh Laurie also had to put a limp in his gate when playing house because House has a back-story in which he was shot. The circumstances of how house was shot are never really discussed but the shooting and the loss of normal leg use obviously had a great effect on Hugh Laurie as House.
In house, hugh laurie plays a very emotionally guarded man. The colleagues of House all worry about him, as the doctor Hugh Laurie plays has a painkiller addiction and obviously suffers from a form of depression. In real life, hugh laurie still suffers from clinical depression. Perhaps his own experiences make it easier for Hugh Laurie to relate to House. Hugh Laurie has received much praise for his portrayal of house. House has further established his great comic reputation laid out by shows like a bit of fry and laurie. House as also allowed hugh laurie to show off his dramatic acting skills. Hugh Laurie even won two Golden Globes in a row for his portrayal of Doctor House. Hugh Laurie has signed on for season four of house. House fans are excited to see what will come of next season but mostly fans of House are just excited that there will be more Hugh Laurie for them to enjoy.