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A community for fangirls. Blogs, domains, fanlistings, shrines, and personal sites all welcome. If you're a fangirl and you express it, this is the community for you!

Aikousha: Anime Fanlisting
The official, TAFL-approved fanlisting for anime.

My fanlisting collective

Damaged-Girl [dot] net
The blog of a 20 something female living in Boston. With pet and city cams. Parents please be aware that this a blog of a survivor child abuse and rape and sometimes entries may be written about these ...

glass idol
Fan induced? Yes.

just another Paperdoll

Silver Unicorn
Think Duo Maxwell. A lot of him ^.^ The blog of a mad teenage girl worshipping the braided death-boy. Oh and it's in french...

Anime, video games, free graphics & brushes, fanlistings, random humor, and an all-around good time.

Fangirl community
The homepage of the Fangirl community.

BtVSA Stands for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Addicts, What we are is a cute little clique for all those fans that are so obsessed with all things BtVS/Angel that they can't live or breathe without it.

Domain and collective of Yoio, named after L'arc~en~ciel's song.

Ciel's Home Website
This is Ciels hub website, it has links to her forums and other sites, please visit, especially the forums

i HEART shoujo
Shoujo site focusing on many series such as Card Captor Sakura, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Marmalade Boy, Merupuri, Paradise Kiss, etc. There are many reviews, freebies and music for you to have fun with ...

Melancholy Musings
This is my blog where I talk about a vareity of things to share with you Gentle Viewers. Watch out I might say something accidentally funny. I'm crazy for anime which is simply awesome. I just love Ran ...

Shojo Manga's Pink Paradise
blog about different kinds of shojo manga some josei

Fangirlisms is a blog devoted to an obsessive fangirl's musings. The fandoms mentioned revolve mostly around anime/manga, video games, and fantasy literature, but may also segue into other topics that ...