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Greetings:{;}{;}We produce Backyard Wrestling videos, if you have any insane/crazy footage, please send it in. Anything you submit, will be considered for our next tape. Submitted footage gets you a free tape you appear on. If you wish to challenge our current champion, Reaper, contact us and we will set something up. We operate in the South Jersey area.{;}{;}thank you{;}{;}AXIS VIDEO{;}PO BOX 551{;}Gloucester City, NJ 08030 USA{;}{;}{;}To join our Backyard Wrestling Group, go here:{;}Group home page : {;}http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Backyardwrestling88 {;}{;}Group email : {;}[email protected]

Some insane videos like REALITY FIGHTING, Backyard, Party, Caught on Tape, Amateur. Must check this video list out!

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