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Cartoon dolls, you dumbass.

Sparklie Skies Cartoon Dolls
This site has tons of cartoon dolls, plus other fun things for teenage girls.

Cartoon dollz, Rocky Horror, etc.

LiLa*s doLLz
*graphix*dollz*banners*html*links*nuff said*

Pimpgoddess's Doll's
This is just a site for the dolls i've adopted...i plan to update it constantly!

~Princess Domain~
*A cute, girly site with lots to do! Dollz, Quotez, Pics, Cheers, Lyrics, Stories, Quizzes, Fowards, and lots more! Come check it out!*

Doll adoptions and country doll websets created by me. Looking forward to your visit. - Luvs, Mischief

Agent Cats Doll House
a cartoon doll site specializing in goths and punks. all are adoptable! check it out!

Dawn'z Dollz
I have dollz of all kinds. Prepz, fairiez, goth, punk, formal, and I'm always adding more. I also have links to many other doll sites and dollmakers.

English Lavender Cottage
Here you will find Grapepips Graphics and Lavender Dollhouse which has lots of Cartoon Dolls for you to Adopt or use as Friendship Dolls or Sigtags! :0)

Angels Cloud
I make dolls for people that ask and 4 the fun of it too.

Foxie Liar
dolls,beachdolls,casualdolls,divadollz,{;}doll maker coming soon,communitys,midi files . ect .

Darkchyld Dollz
{;}Here you will find adoptable dollz,various dollmakers,misc. graphics for your personal use,and more. We will constantly be adding more so come back often! Meanwhile,have fun!!{;}

aLysSaz pLaCe
heyy i just started. I am gonna have lots of dolls soon so please come n check it out, at the moment i am putting up minis and i have preps.