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A community for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans everywhere.

Gemdrive's TMNT Site
A small under development fan site dedicated to the TMNT!

The Technodrome
The TMNT fan site run by the bad guys! Stop by for TMNT info, pictures, multimedia, message boards, fanfics, madlibs, polls, and more! "Be there or be square!" --Shredder{;}

Brinatello's TMNT Page!
Hi! My TMNT site is small but still growing strong! In it, you will find some artwork by me and my buds, fan fictions from my crazy little head, photos from gathecommunitys, cool pictures and a brief dedication ...

Pizza Power
The best TMNT fansite this side of the sewers! Profiles, Downloads, Comic scans, Info on the comics, cartoon, and movies, and alot more to come!

GreenWilloW's TMNT Lair
Award Winning Fan Fiction, Fan Art and GraFics featucommunity the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Plus some funny stuff, the occasional lunatic ravings of a hardcore TMNT fan, and lots of Faerie Dust.

Cherubae's Ninja Turtle Dimension
Worship FOGU!

The TMNT Lexicon
A work-in-progress (as always) site dedicated to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with information spanning the four comic series, two cartoons, three movies and "Creative Critisism" of the Live-Action ...

Azure Turtle's Lair
Come visit the only blue ninja turtle in existence! My lair has fanfics, fanart, links, info, and more.

Jo Dawn's Green Dimension
A friendly site that welcomes all TMNT lovers. Includes fanfic, profiles, news, links and even more to come!

Kali Gargoyle's Asylum
The TMNT section has my fan fiction, fan art, cartoon dolls, and some miscellaneous stuff. Updated frequently.

Turtles-Boy's Sewer
It's a TMNT/TMHT fan site from a fan for the fans. It has everything! Just check it out! :)

Heroes in a Halfshell
This site has stood in the darkness far too long... now it's time again update and to come out of our shells. We have new downloads, game info, midis, audio, and cool profiles. So see ya there dudes!

Ria-angelo's TMNT Page!
Award-winning Ninja Turtles fan fiction and other fun stuff hosted here! Drop on by, this is a small and family-friendly site.

The Turtles' Lair Temporary Home
Mostly a fanfic and RPG page, some links and other interesting info. Small for now, but it will grow until I run out of space for it. ;p

Outer Shells
A TMNT fan site with fan art, fan fiction, links, 2003 TMNT fan art awards, adult fan art section, and lots of other things to look at.

TMNT Website
TMNT Website devoted to the old cartoon, movies of the early 90s, video games and toys.

Sons of the Sewers
This TMNT fan site has fan art, fan fics and lots more turtles stuff! Most images and fics are PG- PG-13, some have an R-rating for language and adult situations.