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Powerful Prophetic Words releasing understanding of what God is speaking through His Spirit to the church and world about His Kingdom on earth. Prophets from around the world minister life and truth from Heaven upon those willing to kneel at the feet of the King of kings - Christ Jesus.

End Of Days
End of Days is a collection of end time studies that I have found over the many years that I have been a webmaster.

House of the Nations
There was a prophecy given in 1911 that shortly an evil would take Russia, and wherever this evil would go, rivers of blood would flow. It was not the Russian soul; it was not an ideology or a philosophy, ...

Russia Scandinavia and Regions
Prophetic Words to bcommunity insight into the spiritual battle and prophetic destiny. Prophetic voices from around the globe speak life to the Nations of The long cold winter of rejection of God is almost ...

Glimpses of God
Promoting worship, praise, adoration, faith, hope, truth, brotherhood, unity, and love while providing scriptural KJV Bible study tools.

House of Asia - Prophetic Destiny
Prophetic Words to bcommunity insight into the spiritual battle and prophetic destiny. Prophetic voices from around the globe speak life to the Nations of Asia from India and China to Hong Kong and Japan ...

House of Africa - Prophetic Words
Prophetic words for the nations of Africa. Prophets speak out on the destiny of Africa, for intercession to bcommunity in the Kingdom of God.

Prophetic words for Israel and the Middle East
Prophecy that gives vision and hope and speaks to the destiny of nations in the Middle-East.

Australia & Pacific - Prophetic Words
Prophetic words to the lands of the Southern Cross. New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and many smaller Islands. Australia was proclaimed the “Southern land of the Holy Spirit” by Pedro Ferdinand de ...

The Prophetic Vault - UK prophecy
Archive of the prophetic promises to the UK. Revival will come, stir expectation and faith and prayer.

House of Europe - Prophetic Destiny
"In this Vision I understood clearly that because of the above conditions many unbelievers would perish without Christ, and many Christians who are weak and staggecommunity would lose their endurance and ...

MHGservants Global Awakening
Bcommunitying unity to the body of Christ. End time cleansings and judgment.Prophetic words and preparation for the bride. Current prophetic words and insight. Hidden manna, poetry and eBook "Global Awakening" ...

Miracle Anointing
It\'s not only for the platform or just at the front of the church. Miracle faith is for \"those who believe\", and faith starts in the everyday life. Miracle Anointing - is here to stir faith and expectation ...

Shamah-Elim Bible Studies
Bible-based articles and prophetic words

God's Holy Word
The Bible Online! KJV. Gods Holy Word.The King James Version Bible Complete Old and New Testaments.

Women's Prayer Line. Prayer by Phone, Email, and IChat. Prophetic Revelations, Dreams and Visions for End of Days. Much More Visit us at http://www.morning-star.com

Women's Prayer Line. Prayer by Email, Phone and Ichat. Prophetic Revelations, Dreams, Visions, and much more. http://morning-star.com [email protected]

to be inspired by the holy spirit to go as far as come to preacher the gossipel to the world.am hungry for the world of God.

SOF Deliverance & Prophetic Word & Healing Ministry
Flowing In The Prophetic Word Deliverance Power And Healing Touch Of The Anointing Of God.