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If you love watching TV, you’re part of the majority of the American public.  There’s nothing better than getting back from a hard day of work and chilling out on the couch watching some quality TV.  Of course, it can be difficult to keep track on what television shows are still on the air and what new shows are coming out.  To help you, we will be examining some of the best shows on TV in America and also around the world.

If you love to laugh, you should check out our comedy categories.  In there we look at sitcoms, late night talk shows, hilarious clip shows, and mockumentaries.  For those who love to get caught up in a good story, we’ll look at some of your favorite dramas.  From cop shows like NYPD to legal shows like The Practice or mob/family shows like The Sopranos, we have all of your drama needs.

For those of you who love reality TV, then you’re in luck.  You can find all the information that you want about dating reality shows like The Bachelor or corporate reality shows like The Apprentice.  Also, you can find out about edgy international reality shows like the cult-British reality hit, There’s Something about Miriam.  Of course, we also look at family fare like animated hits like SpongeBob SquarePants or more adult-friend animated comedies like Family Guy and The Simpsons.  Highlighted as well on this site are TV events like made-for-TV movies like Angels of America.