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What ez it?  Checkit.

I am sitting here with Massimo doing strange things to my ears that sound like a sophisticated garbage lid orchestra combined with house appliances noises combined with computer games bleeps combined with a cymbalist that has gone mad.  Massimo is a DJ from Germany. 

I just wrote a friend an e-mail that said things like: Checkit, me agreed to meet with yos later coz me wanted to talk about de issues.  Unless you’ve been living in France, sorry, in a cave, you know that this is something we can call ”Ali G-speak.”

During lunch at work I read this blog – an online diary in case you have been living in a cave – called ”I found some of your life”.  A person lost digital camera card in a cab, and another person found it and has started a blog, writing entries under each picture, imagining the stories behind the pictures.  This blog has been taken down recently but I found another blog where a guy writes about his obsession with women, beer and being fat.  He is really funny and like lots of people I’ve become addicted to reading blogs now.

Because I must’ve been living in a cave part-time I have never heard of Inuyashi till my boss told me about it, yesterday.  It’s a part of an Anime movement and I believe it evolves around a cartoon character who is, um, a Dogdemon. (I don’t know if you can call Anime ”movement” but if it generates not only comic books and cartoons but also serious conventions, a type of a lifestyle, even a sexual kink, than it could be classified as ”movement”) 

I’ll bet that even if most of us haven’t spend their lives in that proverbial cave, we haven’t heard, until now – until I found about it by misspelling something on a Denver Search Engine Optimization – about insperiences.  It’s a fake trend that according to its creators: ”Represents consumers’ desire to invite brands offering experiences exclusive to the (semi) public domain, to set up shop within their own domestic domain.”  Huh?  Okay.  Basically it means that because of 9/11, because of, er, our growing ”rampant individuality” we’ll want to stay home more and take advantage of our home improvements such as private home theatres or media rooms (?) or a ”Boom boom rooms” which is sort of like having your own bar at home.  (Who wants to leave their apartment to get plastered anyway and slobber all over unknown drunk hotties?)  

Speaking of hotties and caves.  I want the cave man to come back.  Now.  I am so sick of that meterosexual that if I don’t hear another debate about what it means to be one I really won’t kill myself. 

Now.  What does all of it have to do with anything?  Caves?  No.  Not unless they become some sort of a new trend.  Massimo playing his shows in caves.  Or ”Cave sex with the modern cave man is in” as if according to Cosmopolitan.  

This has to do with all of the above.  Though I think that it’s impossible to really define pop culture.   What is pop culture?  Is insperiences a global pop culture?  Could you call Inuyashi Japanese pop culture.  Is Anime kink simply sex in pop culture?  And how about ”checkit” – pop culture trivia winners?  I haven’t looked up the definition before writing this, on purpose, and because I think pop culture is something fluid; it is essentially an instinctive thing.  It is what we say it is.    

Here’s a definition according to a free online encyclopedia (Wikipedia is pop culture too): ”Popular culture, or pop culture is the vernacular (people’s) culture that prevails in a modern society. The content of popular culture is determined in large part by industries that disseminate cultural material, for example the film, television, and publishing industries, as well as the news media. But popular culture cannot be described as just the aggregate product of those industries; instead, it is the result of a continuing interaction between those industries and the people of the society who consume their products.”