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Revenge of the Sith

Trying to find out what Revenge of the Sith is about is impossible if you're not an obsessed Star Wars fan.  There have been forums and websites all over internet that speculate about the new adventures of Yoda and all his buds and there is a downloadable trailer on the official Star Wars site but honestly, finding out about this next episode is as easy as finding Atlantis.  (Wait, they just found it.  Nevermind.)

After hours of research the following rumors (from fan forums) have emerged:

  • Filming of Revenge of the Sith begins in June of next year.
  • Some suggested a possible ending of: Obi-Wan walking off into the desert to wait, after dropping off Luke with the Lars'.
  • Others get upset over "spoilers" and say that the ending is not a sure thing, that nothing really has been filmed: GL has filmed some background footage  in Tunisia which may or may not show up in Episode III.  There were no actors, no lines, no action, just background footage.
  • TPM starts with Amidala saying:
    "I WILL NOT condoned a course of action that would lead us to war"
    AOTC starts with Palpatine saying:
    "I WILL NOT let this Republic be split in two"
  • A 55-second teaser trailer has been put together. It mainly shows Anakin's face move across the screen, then Vader's face move in the opposite direction, to stimulate a change, among other things.

And finally, there's a Lego trailer (yes Lego) that people have been raving about.

The LEGO trailer depicts the following.

Opening shot-Anakin and Obi-Wan side by side in the Council room.
Mace Windu:You have chosen your own path Anakin. You are no longer part of the Jedi order.

Scene changes to a Galactic Meeting. Palpatine is on middle platform.
Palpatine:I am forced to declare a state of marshall law in the Republic.

Scene change to Star Destroyers orbiting a Coruscant and Stormtroopers marching in the hundreds.

Scene change to Bail Organa talking to Windu.
Organa:We have reports, of a terrible weapon under construction.

Scene change to Yoda and Windu in Yoda's room.
Windu:I sense the Sith are behind the Senate.
Yoda:Gone too far, this Palpatine has.

Some facts:

Episode I trailer release: November 1998
Episode I movie release: May 1999
Episode II trailer release: November 2001
Episode II movie release: May 2002
Episode III trailer release: November 2004
Episode III movie release: May 2005