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Bathrooms - Make Your Bathroom the Jewel of Your Home

When you’re doing home renovations, don’t forget about your bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your house, especially when you’re entertaining guests. The bathroom is also one of the most important rooms to have looking clean and tidy, because despite what the rest of your house looks like, a messy bathroom will leave a bad impression. The best way to keep your bathroom tidy and clean is to create bathroom designs that allow a lot of space for storage and help you to keep your bathroom organized.

If you have more than one bathroom in your home, you can reserve one bathroom for guests only that you keep impeccably clean, and another for regular use by your family. It can be especially difficult to keep a tidy bathroom if you have small children but we’ve got some bathroom design ideas that can keep bathroom clutter to a minimum. You can make your bathroom renovations as big a home improvement project as you like. Whether you’re renovating all of your bathrooms or just one bathroom, there are a few ways you can save time and money on your home improvement project.

The first thing is to have a bathroom design in mind. You can look for bathroom designs on the internet or in magazines. You also often see bathroom designs in the shops where bathroom furniture is sold. You’ll have to decide whether any of your existing bathroom furniture fits into your new bathroom design and figure out which pieces you’ll need to buy. If you have a modest budget for your bathroom renovation, you could minimize costs by modifying old bathroom furniture rather than buying all new bathroom furniture. Sometimes, all a bathroom needs are some new colours and clean finishes. One way to clean up the look of your bathroom is to recaulk all the joints and edges around the counters, bathroom cabinets, bath, sink, and any other bathroom furniture that is sealed to a floor or wall.

This can be a very simple home improvement project that just about anyone can do. You’ll first need to pull out any old bathroom caulking – this is easy if the old bathroom caulking is dried out and flakey. If it is, chances are, it’s not providing a good seal anyway. Then you must clean the area around the bathroom furniture where you plan to apply fresh caulking. You can buy bathroom caulking in different colours to match your bathroom furniture or bathroom tiles: usually white or beige. Make sure that all bathroom tiles are clean and dry and then apply caulking at the joints and smooth with a special bathroom caulking tool or guitar pic for a clean finish. Some other minor home improvement projects that can yield tremendous results in your bathroom is cleaning the grouting of your bathroom tiles. For the stains that won’t scrub off with regular bathroom cleaner, try CLR or some such bathroom cleaner that’s designed to remove calcium, lime and rust buildup. If your bathroom tiles still don’t look like new, put some new grout between your bathroom tiles. This is slightly messier than applying caulking, and both will require at least a couple of days to dry, so don’t renovate all your bathrooms at once! You can put new grout on the bathroom tiles on your floor or in the shower. Just make sure that your bathroom stays dry while it’s drying. It’s a good idea to finish such home improvement projects before you take on painting your bathroom because any splashes or smears of grouting or caulking on your walls can still be covered up with a coat of paint.

Choosing a paint colour for your bathroom is a very important part of developing a good bathroom design that works. Your paint will need to match your bathroom tiles and all your bathroom furniture. Because it can be difficult to incorporate the colours of both your bathroom tiles and bathroom furniture into your bathroom designs, it’s wise to choose a paint colour for your walls that matches your bathroom tiles first. It’s important that your bathroom tiles work with your design because they are far more difficult to change than bathroom furniture. If you can’t make your bathroom cabinets work with your bathroom design because they’re the wrong colour, you can easily remove them or paint them a different colour that suits you.

Bathroom tiles on the other hand, can’t be easily repainted in most cases. Once you’ve chosen tha perfect hue for your bathroom walls, you can start painting. Be sure to cover up new caulking and bathroom furniture to avoid splattering paint on them. Preparing to paint is often the most tedious part of home renovations but it can save you a lot of time that would be spent cleaning paint off furniture and carpets. If your bathroom floor is carpeted, you should probably do something to correct that. Putting in new bathroom tile can be quite a challenging home renovation for a do-it-yourselfer, so it’s a good idea to call a contractor for such jobs.

After these three simple home improvement projects, your bathroom should be looking much better already. If you have broken or rusted bathroom furniture, such as towel racks or toilet paper holders, replace them. If your bath tub or bathroom sink has nicks in it or stained bits, first clean them with bathroom cleaner and cover them up with special bathroom enamel that matches your bathroom sink or tub. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can elaborate on your bathroom design with bathroom mats, shower curtains, or a new bathroom mirror. If you’ve got big home improvement plans and want to replace your bathroom furniture or bathroom tiles, you might rather call in a contractor to help you realize your bathroom designs.

Replacing bathroom furniture such as sinks, baths, or toilets, requires the expertise of a plumber as well. Redoing bathrooms can turn out to be major home renovations, but are often worth it as a nice bathroom can bring up the price of your home in the real estate market quite a bit. Real estate agents will tell you that a bathroom can make or break a sale. If potentials buyers see that you have a very dingy dirty bathroom, it gives a very bad impression. It’s like going to a very fancy restaurant to find there’s no soap in the bathroom – not only is the bathroom disgusting, but you wouldn’t want to eat the food there either because you’d assume it’s also dirty. Just think of what you would look for in a house if a real estate agent was showing you around.

If you’re doing home renovations because your plan on listing your house for sale on the real estate market, you should try to keep things simple. When choosing a bathroom design, don’t do anything too crazy, like fuscia bathroom tiles or carpet-covered bathroom furniture, because not everyone will share your taste. When people look for real estate properties, they usually want a blank canvas that they can make their own. By keeping your bathroom design simple, you will entice potential buyers with what could be. Now if you decide to have a contractor take care of your home renovations make sure you explain to the contractor the bathroom design you have in mind and be specific!

When you go shopping for bathroom furniture, remember to take measurements of all the bathroom furniture to make sure it will fit in your bathroom when you get it home. Also make sure that you order enough bathroom tile – you contractor will usually do this for you if you tell him which bathroom tile you want. It’s an absolute night mare to have your bathroom tile half installed and then run out of bathroom tile. This will inevitably slow down your home renovations. For me, choosing bathroom cabinets is the most fun part of home renovations because there are so many possibilities.

Whatever the space, you can find bathroom cabinets to fit your bathroom. Bathroom cabinets with lots of storage space will help you to organize your bathroom and keep it clean and tidy. Bathroom cabinets can also add a lot to your bathroom design because they are usually quite central in the bathroom layout. You can find some really unusual bathroom cabinets if you just look in the right places. Some bathroom cabinets can be covered with a bathroom tile of your choice to match the bathroom tile in your shower or on your floor. My bathroom designs almost always involve bathroom tile mosaics. I like to make the mosaics myself because I have some experience installing bathroom tile. I often put bathroom tile mosaics on bathroom furniture as well as in bathroom showers. I’ve also done a lot of bathroom counter tops in bathroom tile mosaics. Bathroom tile on bathroom counters gives a clean bright look and is durable and long-lasting if installed correctly. Bathroom furniture is easy to replace if you get tired of it, unless of course it’s attached to your bathroom floor or wall. Some bathroom furniture, such as bathroom vanities, stands alone or is just bolted to the wall for stability. This type of bathroom furniture is especially well suited to small bathrooms.