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Bedrooms Renovations

Though home renovations can be daunting and quite expensive, it’s easier to approach each task as a number of small home improvement projects. Home improvement can be fun if you don’t take on too much at once. Also, breaking down your renovations into smaller more manageable stages will be less of a strain on your budget because you can save up for one home improvement project at a time. In some cases however, such as kitchen renovations, you don’t have a choice but to do all the renovations at once. If you’re redoing your whole kitchen you won’t want to be without a fridge and stove and sink for too long, so it’s usually better to get all the renovations over with at once.
On the other hand, if you’re renovating a bedroom you can do it bit by bit, working on small home improvement projects one at a time. If you are doing full bedroom renovations you can break it down to the following steps: get some bedroom decorating ideas and come up with a bedroom design that suits your needs; do all the necessary home improvements to prepare the bedroom such as filling holes in the bedroom walls, painting bedroom walls and repainting old bedroom furniture (buy a home improvement instruction book if you don’t know what you’re doing); update your old furniture or go shopping for new furniture to achieve your bedroom design; finally, arrange your furniture as you like it and enjoy your newly decorated bedroom. When looking for bedroom decorating ideas, think in terms of overall bedroom styles – you can think about individual pieces of bedroom furniture later once you’ve decided on a bedroom style. You can look for bedroom styles in home improvement magazines and on the internet. One great resource for finding new home improvement ideas is on television. There are lots of home improvement shows that not only give you bedroom decorating ideas but also show you how to implement them in your home.
Once you’ve chosen a bedroom style or theme that you like, it’s a good idea to get a measuring tape and measure your entire bedroom, including any old bedroom furniture that you intend to keep in the bedroom. You can create a detailed floor plan with your measurements that you can take with you when you go shopping for bedroom furniture. I like shopping for bedroom furniture in catalogues or online because they usually print all of the dimensions next to each piece of furniture, which makes it easier for me to determine whether they’re going to fit. Which brings us to the next stage of our bedroom renovations: preparing your bedroom before you bring in any new bedroom furniture. If you’re planning to install new bedroom carpeting now’s the time to do it, before you put all your new bedroom furniture into your bedroom.
Installing carpeting around bedroom furniture is a bad idea – if you ever decide to rearrange your bedroom furniture you’ll have big holes in your carpet where your bedroom furniture used to be. This can also cause major problems when selling your home, as any real estate agent will tell you. So take the time to make a schedule and do you bedroom renovations in the right order: carpeting first; new furniture later. Laying down new carpets in your bedroom is just one of the home improvement projects you may have lined up for your new bedroom. You might also choose to paint your bedroom and refinish some old bedroom furniture before bringing in the new bedroom furniture. If you’re painting your bedroom, make your paint colour part of your bedroom design to make sure that it will look good with your bedroom furniture. If your bedroom furniture is mostly white, you might consider a bolder colour for your walls, or bring some colour into your bedroom with bright pillows or paintings.
People don’t often think of paintings when they talk about bedroom furniture, but for me, my paintings are the nicest pieces of bedroom furniture I have. Paintings can be fairly cheap bedroom furniture if you paint them yourself. If you’re not much of a painter and don’t have piles of money to spend on paintings to put in your bedroom, it’s probably best to do without them. Nothing kills a nice bedroom like bad art. Now once you’ve finished all your bedroom preparation, you’re ready to go shopping for bedroom furniture. Decide if you already have any pieces of bedroom furniture that you can work into your bedroom design. You may have to paint or refinish some of your old bedroom furniture to make it work.
Once you know what you’ve got to work with, take off to a bedroom furniture store that sells the type of bedroom furniture you want, whether it’s contemporary bedroom furniture, children’s bedroom furniture, or just any old cheap bedroom furniture you can find. You can often achieve the same look with cheap bedroom furniture as you would with bedroom furniture from an expensive furniture store. Better yet, look for your bedroom furniture in online bedroom furniture catalogues so that you can compare prices at different bedroom furniture stores. Look for contemporary bedroom furniture catalogues online or go to the store and pick up a contemporary bedroom furniture catalogue there. While you’re there, you may as well just have a look around and see if they have any contemporary bedroom furniture in stock that you like. If you find some contemporary bedroom furniture that’s small enough to take home in your car, you can buy it then and there. A good idea is to know exactly what look you’re going for before you start buying individual pieces of contemporary bedroom furniture.
After all, you want to be sure that all the pieces of bedroom furniture work together before you pay for any of them. If you’re decorating a child’s bedroom, you would be better off looking in a childrens bedroom furniture store than in a contemporary bedroom furniture store. You’d think that childrens bedroom furniture is cheap bedroom furniture because its smaller than normal bedroom furniture and it’s not designed to last forever because children grow out of their bedroom furniture fairly quickly, However, children’s bedroom furniture is not necessarily cheap bedroom furniture. You can often find contemporary bedroom furniture sets for a lot less than childrens bedroom furniture. This of course depends on where you’re looking for your chldrens bedroom furniture. If you have more children than childrens bedrooms, you might consider looking for bunk beds and other creative child storage ideas at a childrens bedroom furniture shop.
Once you’ve found the furniture you need, whether it’s cheap bedroom furniture, contemporary bedroom furniture or childrens bedroom furniture, you just have to wait for it to be delivered to your home and arrange it in your newly renovated bedroom. It’s worth taking the time to do these home improvement projects right because poorly executed home renovations can be very damaging when you’re trying to sell your house on the real estate market. Real estate agents recognize shoddy home improvement projects right away and this won’t help your chances with potential buyers. Real estate can be cut-throat, so don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by not doing your home improvement projects right. Speaking of real estate, a good place to find cheap bedroom furniture is at estate auctions. You can get some great deals on antique or contemporary bedroom furniture. Ask your real estate agent if they know of any estate auctions where you can pick up some cheap bedroom furniture for your bedroom renovations.
Most real estate agents will be happy to oblige if they have that sort of information. If your renovations will help your real estate agent to sell your house, they’ll be more than happy to help you out. Another way to find cheap bedroom furniture if you’re looking for children’s bedroom furniture, is to look in second hand stores. There are lots of used bedroom furniture stores that caryy childrens bedroom furniture because children grow out of their bedroom furniture so fast.
In fact, if you’re looking for really cheap bedroom furniture, bring in your old childrens bedroom furniture and trade it in for something else. If you want cheap bedroom furniture that’s new for your child’s bedroom, drop off their old bedroom furniture at the used childrens bedroom furniture shop and get some cash for it. You’ll have a little extra money now to spend on new children’s bedroom furniture. If your child is too old for children’s bedroom furniture, let them choose their own contemporary bedroom furniture, but make it clear that you’re looking for cheap bedroom furniture.
Fortunately, a lot of contemporary bedroom furniture today is cheap. When I was small, my parents let me come along when they went shopping for childrens bedroom furniture for me and I didn’t care how cheap it was as long as it came in a pretty colour. Actually, cheap bedroom furniture is often better for a child’s bedroom because children tend to just wreck nice stuff.