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Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are great fun for a lot of reasons. If you have a family with young children, you can teach them to swim in your very own swimming pool. But be careful – you’ll also need to make sure your pool has a fence around it so that your kids won’t fall in and drown. You can also use your swimming pool to stay in shape. Swimming is really good exercise because it really works a lot of muscles in your body that other exercises don’t. Swimming in your swimming pool is also a great stress reliever. But you don’t have to have kids to get your own swimming pool. Anyone can enjoy a swimming pool. If you’re recently married or if you’ve just bought a new house on your own, a swimming pool is great for having a pool party. If you’re an independent photographer, a pool can be a great business investment. Whether you're shooting products or portraits, a swimming pool full of dry ice make a great back drop. You can also use your swimming pool to keep watermelons cold if you’re having a party. Some dogs also like swimming pools, but you have to be very careful with them because they could get into your pool when you’re not around and drown. You should never let children or any other animals in your pool unsupervised.

Pool Party

If you have a swimming pool, you can have a pool party anytime you want, as long as the weather's nice. I remember having great pool parties as a child for my birthday. My parents would let me invite all my friends over to go swimming in our pool. Keep in mind that having a pool party for your child is quite different from the kind of pool party you’d have with your friends. When there are children involved, you have to be much more careful around the pool; it’’s usually a good idea to hire a life guard for your child’s pool party if there are going to be a lot of kids around. There are also a few things you should keep in mind if you’re having a pool party for adults. Make sure that alcohol and drunk people stay out of the pool or you might end up with vomit in your pool. Worse yet, someone could get seriously injured in your swimming pool if they’re drunk. A good idea when throwing a pool party is to have lots of seating around the pool and have your food a little bit away from the pool. If possible keep your food table a bit away from your pool so people won’t drop food in your pool or be tempted to eat in your swimming pool. When preparing for your pool party, make sure your swimming pool is clean and don’t put chemicals in it right before your guests arrive. It’s better to treat your swimming pool a day or two in advance so that the chemicals aren’t so strong when you go swimming.

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are also a lot of fun but tend to be a fair bit smaller than in ground swimming pools. If you want a pool just to teach your kids to swim or to have a small pool party now and then, then an above ground pool should do just fine. However, an above ground pool isn’t very good for swimming laps because they’re too small and a lot of times they’re round, which can be annoying, unless you don’t mind swimming in circles in your swimming pool. Some above ground pools can be a lot cheaper than in ground pools because you don’t have to do all the digging you do for in ground pools.

Pool Supplies

Once you’ve got your pool set up, whether its an above ground pool or an in ground pool, you’ll need to get some pool supplies for pool maintenance and cleaning. If you’re lazy and have money to blow, get a pool boy to take care of your swimming pool. Some of the pool supplies you’ll need include pool cleaning things, like those vacuums that move around the bottom and sides of the pool t keep it from getting slimy. You’ll also want one of those pool nets to fish stuff out of the pool, like leaves and dead animals. Although it’s really nice to have a lagoon-like pool with overhanging plants and trees, it can be a real nuisance having to clean leaves out of your pool every day. Other pool supplies you’ll need are chemicals. There are a number of chemicals used in swimming pools to control pH, kill bacteria, and keep your pool from turning into a swamp. If you don’t like harsh chemicals in your pool, like chlorine, you can get alternative pool chemicals, like salt. Salt water is denser than chlorine water, so you’ll find that you float better in a salt water pool. Salt water pools are also a lot of fun because they don’t burn your eyes the way chlorine pool water does.

Intex Pools

Intex is a maker of pools and pool supplies. Intex Pools has above ground pools for sale, pool sets, as well as all the pools maintenance equipment and pool chemicals you need. If you’re thinking of getting an intex pool, you might want to check out some of their pool accessories, such as pool loungers, pool slide, and diving boards. Intex pools also sells filters, pumps and beds. If you have kids and you want something new and exciting to put in your pool, get an intex pool sprayer. You attach the intex pool sprayer to the side of your pool and it sprays water up like a fountain.