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Everyone wants great teeth and a healthy smile, but it can be hard to come by for a lot of people. Many things go in or near your mouth everyday: sugar, salt, tobacco, grease, alcohol, caffeine and a whole lot more. It is no wonder so many people have rotten gums and yellow chompers. Thank goodness modern medicine has a solution: dentistry.

The dentist is hated for no good reason at all. Its not his/her fault your mouth is ugly. They can’t brush your teeth for you each night, or even force you to rinse when your breath smells like a skunk’s spray-hole. But low and behold, the dentist is always there when you’ve completely soiled your entire mouth. These fine individuals smile and speak gently while peering down at your rank oral cavity – they deserve some praise.

At any rate, dentistry is a broad term for something that can be categorized into different disciplines. There is cosmetic dentistry for people who want to mask their rotting mouths with white smiles; orthodontics is for people you naturally have crooked teeth and want this corrected; Implant dentistry is for hockey players and the elderly; and periodontics is for people who love onions, garlic, cabbage, tuna and mustard. You can see how a variety of oral problems lead to specialization. But the world of dentistry is still a profession that many people might think of entering. It is one of the most respected professions around, there’s flexibility to balance a professional and personal life, an opportunity to be one’s own boss and own a dental practice, it is a personally rewarding profession that combines art and science.

Whether you want to fix rotten mouths or you have one that needs a good cleansing, dentistry is a is a fascinating world full of Colgate wishes and Listerine dreams.