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Riva Ariella Ritvo PHD, OTR/L

Dr. RIVA RITVO PhD, OTR/L is an experienced child therapist based in Los Angeles, California with many years of experience, she has been an invited lecture and authored many papers relating to Autism treatment and aspergers syndrome. Below is a is just a partial list of Dr. Riva Ritvo 's extensive experience.  Dr. Ritvo PHD, OTR/L  has positively touched so many lives in her career.


-Consultant, The Innocent- NBC Movie of the Week - Dr. Ritvo consulted with -director Mimi Leder and created a sensory integration clinic setup for a scene. Dr. Ritvo walked the star kid through his autistic behaviors, and recruited patient volunteers for the scene -

Consultant, The love of Tony Deblois, NBC Movie of the Week -

Consultant, An Anthropologist From Mars, Oliver Sachs, 1995-

Consultant, Mirage, Don Passman, 2000

Partial Listing of Dr. Riva Ritvo's as Invited Lecturer and the Papers Presented (1997 to present, partial listing):

1. University of California at Irvine.  Department of Psychiatry Lecture Series, May 23, 1989.

2. Phoenix, AZ.  Phoenix Pediatric Society, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, May 24, 1989.

3. Seattle, WA, Autism Society of America Conference, “Genetic Counseling in Autism,” July 19-22, 1989.

4. Cambridge, England.  First World Congress on Psychiatric Genetics, “new Evidence for Genetic Counseling,” August 3-5, 1989.

5. San Juan, Puerto Rico.  University of Puerto Rico.  “Autism: Diagnosis, Management Current Research, and Sensory Integration Theory and Practice,” August 7-10, 1989.

6. San Francisco, CA.  Psychotherapist Series, Psychological Associates, “The Syndrome of Autism: Diagnosis and Management,” January 20, 1990.

7. Newport Beach, CA.  Autism Treatment & Educational Services of North America, Inc., “Autism – The Genetic Link,” March 2-4, 1990

8. Twin Falls, ID.  Idaho Autism Association, Inc. Conference,. “Current Genetic Research in Autism,” April 27-28, 1990.

9. Charter Hospital, Long Beach, CA, Lecture Series for Mental Health Professionals, “Medical Model of Autism,” May 3, 1990.10. Sydney Australia, Lecture Series on Research, Diagnosis & Treatment of Autism, December, 1991 – June, 1992.Dr. Riva Ritvo has also been the recipient of many awards achieved academic success.

Publications in which Dr. Riva Ritvo, PHD has been published

1. Freeman, B.J., Rahbar, B., Ritvo, E.R., Bice, T., Yokota, A., Ritvo, R.  Stability of cognitive and behavioral parameters in autism: A 12 year prospective. J. Am. Acad. Child Adolesc. Psychiatry 30:479-482, 1991.

2. Ritvo, E.R., Ritvo, R, Freeman, B.J.  Debate and argument.  Letter to the Editor. J. Child Psychol. Psychiatry, 1991.

3. Ritvo, E.R., Ritvo, R., Freeman, B.J.  Letter to the Editor.  Debate and Argument. J. Child Psychol. Psychiatry 32:1031-1032, 1991.

4. Ritvo, E.R., Ritvo, R., Yuwiler A, Brothers A, Freeman BJ, Plotkin S.  Elevated Daytime Pilot Study.  J Euro Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2:2, 75-78, 1993

5. Ritvo E.R, Ritvo, R., Freeman BJ, Brothers-Mason A.  Clinical Characteristic of Mild Autism in Adult.  Comprehensive Psychiatry Journal 305: 149-156, 1994

Dr. Riva Ritvo, PHD child therapist in the Los Angeles area.