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Start Potty Training Today – And Be Done In Just Three Days!

Think it’s time to start potty training your child?

Are you tired of buying diapers again and again? Bag after bag after bag of EXPENSIVE DIAPERS? Maybe you’re also sick of spending all that money on something that you end up throwing in the garbage! And what about the stench (and embarrassment) of changing a diaper on a toddler !

Then, when moms leave the house, we can’t forget to pack up and lug around crusty, chewed on diaper bags everywhere we go. (Forget about style!) And with some children, if we don’t get to that diaper change right away, their sensitive bums become searing red from yet another nasty case of diaper rash.

So are you ready to potty train now? Finally convinced to take the leap?

When many parents take on toilet training, the first thing they do is run out to buy pull-ups, potty training pants and, for night-time, bedwetting diapers. And then there is the potty seat to buy (and enjoy in your living room and kitchen and family room). It’s got to be a cute, comfy potty chair and then, you have to fuss with inspiring potty training charts and prizes.

Some frustrated parents, including myself, even spend money (and many sleepless nights) on bedwetting alarms. This also entails taking the time to carefully sew those tiny velcro pads onto your kids underwear and in their pyjamas...

Let’s face it. Child potty training is not much fun - and it can just go on and on, month after month (and, with one of my kids, year after year). So why not just get it over with and potty train your child in three days?

What? I can potty train my child in three days!

I confess that I did not know about this amazingly effective potty training method until I started toilet training my youngest child. And I wish I had known about this before, because I have tried every method out there - including hypnosis on one child with a very expensive therapist!

So if there is any parenting advice that I can give, it’s that you try this amazing method. After much research on the internet and talking to many parents, I finally came across the solution. And it is in an ebook that you can download within minutes! This means that you can start as early as today. Just read the book, dedicate yourself to success and go for it!

Many women ask whether this also works on boys. Yes! It works on girls just as well as on boys. In fact, you can start toilet training girls at 18 months and potty training boys as early as 22 months! If only I had known!

Now, there are a lot of potty training eBooks out there (who would have imagined!) with all sorts of parenting tips. But the best, most sensible and easiest recipes for success are in the Easy Potty Training method and Potty Training Basics. These two books are particularly well written, are to the point and include FAQs about readiness and training. And EasyPotting Training even gives online support to moms who panic (like I did at first!) as well as invaluable potty training tips.

Just go for it!

No more diapers, no more wipes, no more ugly diaper bags to haul around - and no more smell. And don’t forget…the savings are huge. Now these are all things a mom can smile about! (Hmmm, maybe you could even use some of the money you’ll be saving on that funky Prada handbag you’ve been eyeing for so long…)