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Teen Issues

Many people’s teen years are the toughest years of their life. As a teenager, your body and mind are changing and maturing, which can be both frustrating and confusing. With these changes come a number of serious teen issues that many teenagers struggle with, such as teen health issues, teen sex issues, teen pregnancy, body issues, and drugs. A lot of teen problems are avoidable if teens are educated, encouraged, and supported during this difficult transition.

Teen Health Issues

With puberty come a number of teen health issues. This can be a very awkward time for teens and it’s important for teens to learn how to deal with adult problems. For example, some of the most common teen health issues that teens encounter during this time are acne, mood swings, and teen sex issues. Whether your teen is sexually active or not, it’s important to educate teenagers about safer sex and sexually transmitted disease. Even so, many teens will inevitably become pregnant, so it’s also important that parents let their teens know that whatever happens, they’ll be there to support them. There are treatments for some teen health issues such as acne. Teens can get special acne face washes and teen girls can get low dose birth control pills to reduce acne.

Body Issues

Some of the biggest issues for teens these days are body issues. Teens are under a lot of pressure from peers and advertising when it comes to body image. Because their bodies are changing, many teens have body issues. Teens are often unsatisfied with the way they look, especially with so many advertising campaigns geared at teens that are all about image. Teen body issues can result in low self esteem, which can lead to a number of other problems such as teen sex issues. A teenager with body issues or low self esteem might be more inclined to have teen sex issues because they either feel unattractive and shy away from the opposite sex, or they crave attention from the opposite sex and end up going too far to please a boyfriend and girlfriend. Teen body issues are normal and inevitable, but with some education about teen sex issues, their body issues may be less detrimental to themselves and others.

Teen Sex Issues

One of the biggest challenges in handling teen sex issues is reconciling safe sex and religious beliefs. For example, many Christian schools and Christian parents offer abstinence as the only option to their teens for safe sex. What we should keep in mind is that teens are going to have sex anyway, so not educating them about teen sex issues will only cause them ore problems. The problem with religious dogma and ignorance about teen sex issues is that teens wind up pregnant or contract sexually transmitted diseases.

Teen Pregnancy

The best thing we can do about teen pregnancy right now is focus on education, prevention, and supporting teen mothers. Many teen pregnancies happen simply because teens don’t fully understand how their reproductive systems work and how easy it can be to become pregnant. Many teen pregnancies could be prevented if we just concentrated on teen sex education in high schools. If a teen happens to become pregnant, we must also have services in place for teen mothers. Many teens lose the support of their family when they need it most and without community programs for teen pregnancy, these girls would have nowhere to go.

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Teen Drugs

For some, teenage years are a time for experimentation. There are plenty of teen drugs out there and most teens can buy any drugs they want from their high school. That’s why sheltering your teen from teen drugs is a futile exercise and won’t help your teen when they are eventually offered drugs by their peers. Instead, educate your teenager about teen drugs and make sure they know which ones are dangerous, what effect they will have on them, and tell them why you think they should or shouldn’t try certain drugs. It’s often easier for your teenager to relate to you if you’re just honest with them. You could tell them about your experiences as a teen and if you want them to avoid teen drugs, tell them about the teens in your high school that did drugs and where they are now. If you have a high school friend in rehab, take your teenager for a visit. Unfortunately, teen drugs are slowly becoming child drugs, as many children are experimenting with drugs before they even reach high school age.

Teen Employment

Getting your first job as a teen can be exciting, even though most teen jobs are at retail stores and fast food restaurants and only pay minimum wage. But when you’re young, teen employment can be fun because you can make your own money for the first time in your life. However, not all teen employment is so exciting; for instance, if a teenage girl has an unwanted teen pregnancy, there are very few teen employment opportunities available to her that pay enough for her to support a child.

Teen Driving

Teen driving is a hotly debated issue at the moment as some people think that the minimum age to drive is too low and there are too many irresponsible teen drivers on the road. I believe that there are good and bad young drivers, and good and bad old drivers. The question is whether age affects the high rate of accidents among teen drivers or whether the accidents can be attributed to lack of experience. Regardless of what age a person is first allowed to drive, they will be inexperienced until they’ve had some practice on the road. In my experience, the people who were bad teen drivers are also bad adult drivers, and the people who are good drivers as adults were also good drivers as teens.