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Anniversary Rings: Showing Your Eternal Love


It's no wonder that anniversary rings have become so popular, what with all the Baby Boomers reaching significant marriage milestones. After all, look at what we've come through!

Anniversary rings also are known as "eternity rings," and giving them to mark significant dates is a practice that goes back to the ancient Egyptians nearly 4,000 years ago. A continuous metal circle studded with gemstones, eternity rings were meant to everlasting life and undying love. The ring's design also may represent the circle of life.

Today the eternity rings of the Egyptians have evolved into wedding bands and anniversary rings as symbols of eternal love. And if you're about to reach that significant 25-, 30- or 40-year anniversary, you can find anniversary rings of endless designs that tell your beloved you'd marry her – or him -- all over again.

That's right, anniversary rings aren't just for women anymore. After all, she didn't make this marriage on her own, did she?

More and more, celebrating couples are choosing to buy diamond bands for both husband and wife to mark their special anniversary. His-and-hers anniversary rings look the same as wedding bands, made of platinum or gold (white or yellow) and always combined with diamonds or diamonds and gemstones. These kinds of anniversary rings are often exchanged at ceremonies in which the married couple renews their wedding vows. They can be worn on the left hand to complement the wedding rings, or as stunning "right-hand rings."

Anniversary rings also can combine diamonds with other precious or semi-precious gems. Sometimes a couple chooses to combine a diamond with their birthstones or the birthstones of their children.

Fashion-conscious buyers today also may opt for stackable eternity rings in many colors as anniversary rings. Couples with a deep love for mystic symbolism sometimes choose Celtic knotwork bands in silver or gold as their anniversary rings. Carved rings in yellow or white gold also are growing in popularity as couples' anniversary rings.

Still, a significant wedding anniversary often makes a grateful husband realize the many gifts his wife has brought to their marriage, especially if they have children. Thus, a dazzling diamond anniversary band allows a husband to give his wife a tangible symbol of their enduring love.

Some sources say that diamonds or other gems should completely surround the anniversary band. Other jewelers say it's acceptable for a woman's anniversary ring to have three, four or five large stones in its center. Others opt for multiple rows of tiny diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies, either as a half-band or all the way around the ring.

Less common, but still in keeping with a couple's preference, are silver or gold rings that incorporate both stones and enamelwork into the anniversary band. Another variation for a woman's ring is diamonds set in rose gold, a distinctive pinkish shade.

Whatever the choice, those ancient Egyptians would probably be pleased to see that their eternity rings have lasted as long as the Pyramids – like eternal love.