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A Little Love and History: Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings may be from long ago but they are also definitely the now thing to have! Celebrities have been sporting antique engagements rings and gushing about them in just about every magazine or television interview they do which has helped to attract a whole new and much younger—and dare I say trendier—audience to the decades-old bobbles.
Fashion magazines are also jumping on the bandwagon and have been referring to antique engagement rings as THE rings to have when you agree to get hitched. A recent magazine article made reference to the amount of hot antique engagement ring retailers that sell online which has only added to the craze thanks to the ease of being able to find these one of a kind pieces while in the comfort of your own home! One of the best known sites for antique engagement rings would have to be none other than AntiqueEngagementRings.com which not only carries an impressive selection of antique engagement rings but also offers reproductions of rings from decades gone by. You’ll also be surprised to know that having one of these unique and vintage rings doesn’t cost all that much more than you’d expect a new ring to cost.

Most engagement rings, available today in market are from 1800 till 1950s, and each have its own unique style and design. There was the Victorian era which was considered as most fashionable period for women. Rings from this time come in yellow or rose coloured gold’s, many of which are found with a European cut diamond. Some antique rings have deep and intricate carvings such a filigree pattern, some are of diamond, some are made of other metals. Then there was an Edwardian era in which queens and royalty of that time wore rings made of white gold or platinum and their designs were especially elaborate. The art deco era also brought us more rings in some very unique and even unusual designs. It was also a time for diamond encrusted bands which is still hugely popular today.

Buying antique rings does not mean having to settle for a poor quality or ‘old looking’ ring. These rings are of unsurpassed quality and beauty and with proper care, they look brand new! Some easy tips on caring for your antique engagement ring will help you keep it looking as sparkly as ever!  It is recommended to rinse the ring under hot water each night to keep away dirt and grease away from the stone or the diamond. The diamond can be also rubbed with a soft brush or a baby brush but the metal part should not be brushed as it can cause scratches to the band. A jeweller’s polishing cloth can help keep its shine too. Very little effort for something so incredibly beautiful! It’s like having a beautiful piece of history on your finger! Add that to the feeling of being engaged to the man of your dreams and we’re talking absolute magic!