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Aquamarine Rings: The Colors of the Sea and Sky
Aquamarine rings are simply, rings with an aquamarine stone in them. This is a beautiful sea blue color, they sometimes have a green tinge to them and they can be heat treated to get this color out, but it is not recommended as they are so beautiful with that slight green glow. If of course it is preferred, they can heat treated, leaving them a subtle sky blue (lighter than sea blue). These stones are brilliant alternatives to a Sapphire and much cheaper than a blue diamond. 
Aquamarine rings, when not heat treated, looks amazing in 9ct white gold without diamonds, but rather surrounded by dark blue sapphires. The sapphires make the aquamarine stone look darker than it actually is and the light tinge of green makes the ring look amazing and natural. These work amazing as gifts for that someone special. If the aquamarine is a small stone then it looks nice with two smaller diamonds on the sides, emphasizing the green tinge inside. This makes the aquamarine look multicolored and amazingly beautiful.
When an aquamarine is heat treated it looks best in 18ct white gold surrounded with diamonds, this emphasizes the light sky blue inside. With the diamonds on the side the aquamarine stone must at least be a 1ct solitaire. This can also look nice if it is a cluster ring with the cluster being the heat treated aquamarine stones, this will be without diamonds of course. 
Aquamarine is the zodiac birthstone of the Scorpio. Scorpio is during October 23 - November 21. Sailors also consider this to be a lucky stone to get safe passage. They used it in their jewelry and slept with it under their pillow to get peaceful sleep. Sailors believed that a mermaids tail was made of aquamarine, and that in order to remain hidden they would hide behind it when a ship or person passed by it. In the middle ages the stone was thought to have special healing powers, or to protect one from poison. When they thought that someone was going to poison them they would wear it or keep it in their pockets. 
An aquamarine is easy to take care of as it is a very strong stone; it is easy to clean, with a damp cloth or a toothbrush. But care must be taken when choosing a detergent as this could damage the metal that is used to hold it. Care must also be taken when putting the ring down as if it is left in the sun the heat can actually change the color and make it look dull. 
Aquamarine can be found in quite a few countries, but is mainly mined in Brazil , they can be found close to tin, granite, feldspar, and tourmaline. There is no standalone place to mine aquamarine. 
Aquamarine is an amazing stone that is easy to take care of and work with, it is normally cut into a simple cut (16 facets) as the simplicity of it enhances the light blue that is has, this also makes the colors “dance” in the light.   This can make a perfect gift and an amazing set that is sure to wow anyone you know, from the young fashionista to an older woman with classic taste.