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Say Happy Birthday With a Birthstone Ring


Birthstone rings are a perfect personalized gift, and a great way to ring in another year. One year older- who wouldn't want to celebrate that?!

Birthstone rings each have a gemstone of a different color. The use of birthstones dates back to the 1500s. There are twelve- one for each month of the year; celebrating the month you were born. Some of the stones are of a nicer color than others however; but you should wear the one that's unique to your birthday month.

Want a quick rundown? Here goes...

For the Miss Januarys out there, your stone is a Garnet; which is red in color. For those of you born in February, yours is a purple Amethyst. For the spring chickens born in March, your birthstone for your birthstone ring is a beautiful light blue Aquamarine. All those born in April get a (yes, you are the lucky ones) diamond. May births get a green Emerald; and June births get a pearl- not as sparkly; but just as nice.  All the sunny summer babies of July are due a red Ruby (like the Ruby slippers in 'The Wizard of Oz' of course); and those born in August get a light green Peridot. September is sapphires (which are blue in color); and October is a light purple Opal. Those of you born in the month of November get a bright yellow Topaz; and all the Christmas births of December (whilst one would have thought it would be red!) get a blue Topaz or Turquoise.

If you believe in astrology, the month you were born contributes a lot to who you are; so why not celebrate that with a birthstone ring. Birthstones are a tradition that is thousands of years old, so why not take part.

It's not just about color either! Each birthstone is supposed to signify aspects of those born in that month's personality. For example, March's Aquamarine signifies understanding and happiness; and September's Sapphire indicates that person has serenity and truth. People born in May are supposed to have the qualities of love, fidelity and goodness; and those in June the qualities of nobility, beauty and peace. People born in July are enthusiastic, and have strength and love in abundance; whilst those born in August enjoy success and luck (that's handy!). Why not research your own birthstone and see if it's anything like you. It might be fun!

As with any ring, birthstone rings are available in a wide variety of designs; with bands made from a wide variety of materials such as gold and silver. You can also pick up cheaper rings made from different metals from costume jewelry stores; although these don't make for such treasured possessions. It's a great present for a parent to give their child; so think about who you could get one for; and make sure you celebrate your own birth with a birthstone ring too!