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 Black Hills Gold Rings: Unique and a Piece of History


Black hills gold rings are actually based on a story, of a Frenchman who created jewelry in France, and then he went to America to make his fortune at the gold pans. One day he wandered off into the forests and got lost so he went days without food or water and on the brink of death had a vision of running water with grape leaves floating in a stream from a nearby vineyard. The vision was real and his life was saved. This mans name was Heri LeBeau. He didn’t ever pan any gold but did carry on making the jewelry that is now world famous for its beauty.  LeBeau decided it would be a good idea to make the jewelry with patterns of grape vines/clusters and leaves on the ring in rose, green, and yellow 24ct gold; this is what made him famous. 
Even a century later the process to make these rings in similar, the ring goes through 40 stages before the final product is made. Each leaf and swirl is made with the utmost of care, and any ring with a fault is sent back to be remade. It takes up to 8hours to make just one piece, and legend has it that whoever wears a ring from Black Hills Gold will have luck on his/her side as long as they wear the ring.
Black Hills Gold now makes a series of jewelry, ranging from watches to pendants, one thing is identical in all these pieces of jewelry, it is of best quality, and always contains the rose and green gold with 2 leaves, each of different color. Even the watches have it and the straps are made of 9ct gold. In the screen of the watch is the symbol that they are famous for, being the two leaves.
Black Hills Gold rings have sets for which one is for men and one is for women and they look exactly the same but the men’s is of course bigger. Their prices don’t go below $150 per ring and most of them do not contain diamonds, but some do and can be ordered from their site. They also have silver rings for sale, but these do not look as great as their tri-color rings. For $150+ you can get your ring that is crafted in 40 stages and 8 hours worth of work it is worth it, to have such a unique and amazing ring should be an honor. This ring should be taken care of and polished often to keeps its shine and glory. The ring must be taken off when working with detergents. 
These rings are beautiful, and you should consider getting this ring as your wedding ring or even just for fashion if you’re looking for something truly unique.