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Cheap Engagement Rings – Not What You Think


Don’t let the term ‘cheap engagement rings mislead you into visions of hideous rings with diamonds the size of a pin head! Most people automatically think of diamonds when they think of engagement rings but this has not always been the case. Back before diamonds were the popular choice many people chose the stone or stones for their engagement rings that they liked and/or were their birthstones. Choosing a stone that is not a diamond is one of the best ways of saving money when it comes to buying your engagement ring on a budget. There is such a huge range and choice out there if you dare to be different! 

When picking a stone that is an alternative to a diamond some people go for their favorite color. If you wear this color a lot in your everyday wardrobe then the ring will be enhanced by this and the stone will truly be set out! For example pink and purple stones are this season must haves when it come to not only clothes colors but rings as well. The most popular right hand rings that are flying out the jewelers have stones of this color. Both pink sapphire and Amethyst are relatively cheep compared to a diamond and if your financial situation changes in the future and you want to change your ring then you can upgrade to a diamond at a later time or date. Many people in today’s world have more than one engagement ring that they have been bought by their partner or husband and it is not something that is frowned upon.

You could also try if your budget is tight to buy a ring that has been pre-owned or was used as a display model. You will find loads of rings that for one reason or another are being sold and you can grab your self a bargain. Another place to try is your local porn shop, people often porn their things and this includes rings and are unable to buy them back. The shop does keep them for a time but after the time has passed that they are required to keep them by law the broker can sell the items to try and make some of his money back. This is a brilliant way of buying a second hand but cheap engagement ring that will make your intended’s day. What you need to understand is that when you buy a ring for someone they don’t have to know where it has come from and they probably wouldn’t care anyway! It is the thought that went in to the ring and the emotions and meanings behind them that are important!  Internet auction sites are another place you can try to bid and win your engagement ring, these sites are monitored by the highest authorities and you information is secure especially if you use sites such as EBay as they have PayPal protection which covers you as the buyer if anything goes wrong.  Watch out for hidden agendas though as some listings will specify “sold as seen” and you can get burnt so be careful and always make sure you know what you are buying before you pay.